01 Jun 2017

The Best Ways to Reach Customers in 2017

Marketing is not just about telling your customers about your products and why they should buy them. That is just one wave in a very large ocean.

And marketing is also not just about creating repeat business and repeat purchases.

One major wave of the marketing ocean is about adding value to your marketplace and creating customers who love your products and services. Ensure their happiness throughout their life cycle as a customer and empower them to become an advocate for your company.

Here are some of the best ways to reach customers in 2017. And you’ll notice it’s not just about telling them to make a purchase and why.

Interactive Newsletters

Some marketers say that email marketing is dead, others say it is a mainstay in their business. This is a tricky marketing niche because it is very dependent upon your demographic, your list, your products and varying factors that are unique to you. Decided if interactive newsletters / emails are right for your market and then use them to leverage your position. Include amazing content so that your audience is actually excited to open up your emails!

Customer User Groups / Events

Set up a customer user group if you sell products to discover how they are using your products, answer questions and be sure that they are indeed using them correctly. This might be an opportunity to give away some free product to these customers who are obviously interested, and encourage them to blog or post about it on social media. Build an army of influencers who love your products and/or services and want to share them.

Advocate Marketing / Influencer Marketing

Find opportunities to connect with your customers/patients and find ways to work together to promote your products and services together. The best advertising is by word of mouth, and if your customers are telling their friends and family about you or your products/services, this is a big deal. Create a system with some of your customers that have larger audiences and high numbers of followers that will provide them with free products if they blog about them and share on social media, or some form of compensation that is satisfactory to both parties. This is powerful word of mouth marketing!

Importance of Testimonials

We all want social proof of claims actually being legitimate. Include as many written and video testimonials as you can get that back up your claims of improved health, reduced medications, weight loss, reduced pain, and an interference-free nervous system.

Social Media Community Interaction

You are on social media – so be social! Interact with your community, ask questions, answer questions, connect and get to know your audience!

Free – Upsell Campaigns

You offer lots of FREE e-Books, reports, and recipe books right? Well what about creating a package that offers 7 free work out videos, and add an incredible 7 day meal plan guide to rapid, safe weight loss that is paid for! Don’t make it cost a great deal of money, but have your community start to realize that some of your content is paid for and it is totally worth it.

Referral Programs

When your patients bring their friends and family to you to get checked, how do you thank your referring patient? Create a referral program that gives a valuable gift to your referring patients after a set number of referrals start care, or a smaller gift for each referral. See what works at your office and build up your referrals organically.

There are many ways to reach your customers – the most important thing to remember is to be creative in your approach and offer amazing content, education and value.

30 May 2017

How To Get More Followers On Your Facebook Page

How many Facebook followers do you have today?

How did you get them? How are you keeping them?

Would you follow you?

These are a few initial questions to consider when discussing how to grow your Facebook page reach and increase your number of followers.

The first step to get more followers is to look at the content your are creating or curating. Is it current, relevant and interesting? These are 3 major pieces of the puzzle that must be met.

Current Content – the internet moves pretty fast. Content from even a few months ago is considered out of date, so be sure to share information that is current and potentially trending.

Relevant Content – who are you talking to? Be sure you know who your audience is to be able to share information with them that is useful to their demographic.

Interesting Content – share and create information that is clickable. Obviously everyone has a slightly different opinion on what constitutes interesting, but chances are if you think it is interesting, your tribe will agree.

It’s time to start cultivating your relationships online by being someone that can’t be ignored.

Pump so much value into your Facebook Page that your community actually looks forward to your posts, graphics, blogs, and videos that you create and share.

Offer content that is inspiring, informational and educational. The focus of your communications should be on educational material, to create a new knowledge or understanding in your community.

It’s not about pumping up your products or services, it’s about offering true knowledge that your audience needs to learn and then they will be organically lead to purchase your products or request your services.

Pump value into your marketplace. Stay consistent in your brand message.

And focus on doing these two things:

• boost your audience’s mood

• solve their problems

There are many ways to go about creating valuable content that checks these two boxes. You can create inspirational quotes, memes or videos that share a positive remark or inspirational quote that will help them to stay on track to their goals, you can post something funny that gives them a laugh (while staying consistent in your message and branding), you could post testimonials of people potentially struggling with the same problems they are experiencing and have a third party (your patients) explain their health transformation and how you solved their problems.

You can create recipes, exercise videos, 30 second ‘inspire-me-now’ videos, free e-books, reports or health reviews that help your audience to create change in their health and move toward solving their problems.

The most important thing to focus on is adding value to your Facebook page. Your fans will share your content and involve their friends and family when your content is helpful to them and relevant to their situations.

Switch things up by posing images of you and your family or team, inspirational quotes, health videos, articles and a mixture of your original content and content shared from other trusted sources. Keep your voice the loudest, but bring in other experts so they can begin to identify you and your values with other trusted voices and this will lend to your credibility and growth patterns.

25 May 2017

What is Conversion Rate Optimization and How You Can Improve Yours

You’ve been working hard to improve your SEO, attract visitors to your website and create amazing content.

Now that you have them on your site, what do you do with them? How do you create a loyal customer from their visit?

There are many ways to increase your conversion rate (the number of visitors to your website that become part of your community, make a purchase, request additional information or book an appointment, etc) and over time you will realize that the strategies you employ will greatly benefit your online growth and reach.

Here are a few strategies for you to think about:

1. Create Compelling Calls to Action Within Your Blog Posts

What are you writing about? Does it have a connection to a product or service that you offer? You can assume that if your audience is reading that particular blog, they may also have interest in purchasing/receiving something connected to the topic.

For example, if your blog post is titled the Best 3 BBQ Recipes You Need for This Summer, consider providing a free or paid for edition of Your Famous Summer BBQ Recipes. Think about leveraging the next piece of education from your blog, and don’t be afraid to encourage download, purchase, etc. People love free stuff, and if it’s a topic that interests them, you can be sure that exchanging their email address for the free gift is definitely going to happen.

2. Include Call Now or Book Now Buttons

What do you ultimately want your readers to do? Do you want them to make a purchase? Book a new patient examination? Follow you on Instagram? Decide what your goals are and then use that as a guide for choosing your main CTA (call to action) theme throughout your website.

3. Offer a Free E-Book, Free Report, Free Recipe Guide or Something Else of Value

As discussed, everyone wants free stuff!! Find something that your community would find valuable and offer that on your website. Something that can be delivered electronically, such as a Free E-Book, Report, Guide, etc and use that as a ‘get-to-know-me’ tool. You can use this offering as an advertisement on social media and boost the ad to show it to more people. Offer the giveaway as an exchange that your viewers must trade their email address for, and this will allow you to begin building your list.

Send regular emails out with your best content and connect with your community regularly to keep them updated on their health, your practice, events and you!

4. Set Up an Email System that Emails Your Viewer If They Abandon Their Cart Before Completing Their Purchase

Sometimes your readers will get busy and distracted and forget to finish their purchase. Other times, they need to think about their purchase for a bit, and potentially forget to return. Others simply change their minds. Whatever the reason, have your web developer set up an email notification to send to your viewer that they have items waiting in their cart. This will create a great number of people returning to their carts to finish their purchase, and improve your conversion and bottom line.

23 May 2017

Being an Entrepreneur Means Solving People’s Problems – IRL and on Social Media

The whole point of being an entrepreneur is two fold – #1- help others, #2 – receive compensation for the value you create in others’ lives.

Being a chiropractor is the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit, and there are so many ways to help others by solving their problems, both in real life and on social media.

A good majority of your day is spent adjusting, but this time is also shared with educating your patients.

It’s not enough to talk about the weather, the latest movie to hit the box office, or your new favourite show on Netflix.

It’s critical to use your in-office time with your patients to educate them about their health and how to improve their lifestyle.

Create a dialogue about the newest study they are talking about on the news and explain how they are either way off base or why you might agree. Talk about how to incorporate this change in ideology into your patients lives. Discuss your weekend plans but make sure that you focus on going to the park with your family to play volleyball or why you are cooking grass fed, free range, organic meat on the BBQ.

Bring your patients into your life, but illustrate for them how you choose to live your life and how they can also do the same. Don’t forget to pump up the health benefits of these choices and how they will feel after implementing these changes.

The very same principle is applied to social media. Bring your patients and followers into your life, and show them the healthy highlights that they can also implement.

Being an entrepreneur means helping to solve other people’s problems – and our communities have many.

It could even be nice to have a weekly theme in your office to focus conversation and bring to light important health topics that need to be discussed. Get your team involved and find out what they would like to contribute to the conversation. They are the first and last points of contact with your patients and can be an amazing extension of your knowledge, if you train them properly and empower them to share real health truths.

Find articles to share with your patients (www.FamilyHealthAdvocacy.com is a great place to start) and print them off. Leave them on the chairs in your office and share them on your social media feeds to spread the information you are focusing on that week.

This will give you something to focus on and chat with your patients about while adjusting, if you need a way to bring the conversation back to their health. It’s so easy to get chatting and stray from the real reason they are in your office – to heal their bodies, minds and spirits and learn everything they can about creating a natural, healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families.

19 May 2017

Are You Planning an Event IRL? Take it Online Too!

It really doesn’t matter if you are a chiropractor in Small Town or Huge City, your reach can quite literally be on a global scale, thanks to the internet!

This is an amazing tool that you can harness especially during live events.

Old thinking: people in a 20 mile radius want to come to my event and can actually make it.

New thinking: people all over the globe want to come to my event and can actually make it.

It’s time to start thinking of your practice as a global brand. Just because you are not in the same city, it no longer means that you can’t do business with them. You may not be able to adjust them, but you can teach them about health, offer your digital products or ship them your physical products. Geography is no longer a barrier.

So plan bigger!! When you are preparing your IRL (in real life) event, plan for its online component as well. Having a talk? Have a member of your team video the entire event and have it running as a Facebook Live. And have another member of your team doing an Instagram Live. And another member of your team taking photos and posting to Twitter, Instagram Stories, Facebook, etc.

It is imperative to take your content online, and once your audience really gets to know you, they won’t want to miss a minute of the action you are creating.

But won’t people forgo coming to the event when they can just watch it online?

Well, maybe, but does it matter?

They are receiving all of the life changing information that you are providing in person, you are building your brand, people are seeing you as the go-to expert for all things natural health related, so does it matter? I guess it’s really up to you.

You could offer added bonuses for coming to the event, like a free e-book, free products, draws for amazing gift baskets from sponsors and various other door crasher prizes. You could bring in a mini marketplace of really cool, relevant products and services that you are talking about at your seminar and bring the crowds that way.

Make your event absolutely irresistible and market it that way, and you wont’ have to worry that people would rather stay home and watch it online – they will be the first ones in line.

And then, you will simply have the viewers online that are tuning in from places that are too far away to easily get to, and you have just increased your reach by potentially hundreds or thousands of viewers. I’d say that’s a good IRL event taken online!

Then, be sure to post follow up content for a couple of weeks after the event, so that those who maybe did choose to stay home to watch when they lived around the corner will have FOMO (fear of missing out) because they did!!

Share mini interviews of vendors and what they brought with them, behind the scenes prep, mini replays of live content and even one last gift certificate to be raffled off for someone who knows the answer of something that happened at the event that was either there in person or tuned in online for the entire event.

Leverage the power of IRL events on social media post-event, and continue to reap the benefits of connecting with your audience.

17 May 2017

The Beginner’s Guide to SEO

SEO is a term that is thrown around daily, but do you really know what it means? And how it can help to improve your search ranking and ultimately your practice? Here, we break it down for you…

What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is a marketing discipline that focuses on growing your website visibility through organic (non-paid) search engine results.

SEO helps to improve rankings, drive traffic and increase awareness about your website. It is not just about the technical side of the web, but the people side too.

By optimizing your SEO, it automatically optimizes your site for your human viewers.

Many of the factors that affect the quality of your SEO are directly related to how human viewers would be experiencing your site.

For example, the more relevant information you have on your site, the better. Search engines compare the viability of your keyword with the information on your site and this can contribute to your optimization. For example, when you have relevant information that your audience is searching for, they spend more time on your site, letting search engines know that there is quality information there, that is worth sticking around for.

It also indicates that there hasn’t been an issue of click bait or bait and switch with minimally relevant information on your site.

Why Does Your Site Need to be Search Engine Optimized?

Search engines are smart, but they need a bit of help. By optimizing your ‘findability’ it enables search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc to more easily find your page to show it to people who have searched for something related to your offerings.

For example, by being able to target your traffic and bring them to your site can mean all the difference for your exposure.

Search engines also help to rank your website, and place your content where your readers are more likely to find it – at the top of the page.

Today, Hundreds of Factors Affect Search Optimization

Search engines generally assume that a page that is popular (has many visitors per day) or has lots of information on it, that it must be a valuable page and is ranked highly.

There are also algorithms, or mathematical equations, that are updated very regularly by the search engine engineers to maximize the search relevance of a particular page.

These can include domain level link authority features, page level keywords, content value on the page, keyword relevance, social metrics, user usage, traffic query on page, keyword usage, and hundreds of other factors.

So you can imagine that it is very difficult to find the exact equation to have the best possible SEO.

What is the Easiest Way to Improve my SEO?

Create a website that your audience will love. Create content that is relevant to them, that is engaging and keeps them on your site for an extended period of time. Educate them, empower them and encourage their return.

Use keywords that are relevant to your content and relevant to your audience’s searches.

16 May 2017

4 Powerful Principles Every Successful Chiropractor Must Internalize

Let’s be real. Some days are a struggle. Here are 4 powerful principles that you need to internalize to realize the magic of your days.

1. I can always improve.

You could be the best adjustor in your whole town and have a thriving practice and a loving family and a great team and the perfect dog, but there are always pieces of your life that you can improve. Yes, you can improve your adjusting. There is always something new to learn or perfect. You could pour more into your team, improve your leadership abilities, your communication techniques or your patience. You can always look at your mindset and see where you can adjust your thoughts to create more gratitude in your life.

OR maybe your improvement lies in your ability to say to yourself, I just need a minute. I know there are things that I can improve, but I just don’t have the bandwidth this week to work on it. I just need to get through the next few days in one piece and will be better next week. Be gentle with yourself because it’s not a race. Sometimes just showing up is hard, so just arrive with your whole conscious self and be your real self.

2. I persevere when I am frustrated.

Some days are hard. Some days patients quit care and your car won’t start.

But some days are magical. Some days your daughter takes her first step, you rock your doctor’s report, 8 people pay in full and things seem to be falling into place.

Put your focus on the good days that shine through and turn the hard days to a distant memory. Choose to persevere even when you are frustrated and the days will begin to become more and more magical. It is in these frustrating times that you learn immense lessons about life, family, practice and yourself, and can harness these learnings into becoming a more well rounded individual.

3. I choose to approach every situation with gratitude

Again, some days are hard. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day grind and you lose perspective about what we’re really here to do. Being mindful of approaching every day, and every situation, with an attitude of gratitude is essential to feeling fulfilled and satisfied at the end of the week.

It is in these moments of gratitude that we can see clearly about how our lives are unfolding. And if in any moment that you can’t think of something to be grateful for, just simply sit with your breath for a moment. How many people struggle for breath? How many times have you been out of breath and were so thankful when your breath began returning to normal? To have clear airways, to bring rich oxygen into your intelligent body to fuel your day and bring healing to others. Seriously! We are so gifted to have this life.

4. I love to care for my community and share the principle.

Again, some days are hard. Sometimes it feels like we just want to go home and stay there, but at the core of our being, we truly do love to care for our community. Sharing the principle of chiropractic and unleashing the miraculous innate healing power of the body is a gift to be cherished!

15 May 2017

How to Reach Baby Boomers with Social Marketing

When you hear the term baby boomer, what do you think? Seniors that are aging, disconnected from technology or perhaps in a wheelchair or other images of an ailing population?

This is a serious misconception that has been created over time and actually could not be further from the truth.

Baby Boomers fall into the age range of 51-69, or those individuals born during the boom of births after the end of World War II.

These individuals are actually on social media and make up a great percentage of your online audience.

According to research by Pew Research Centre, in 2016, 64% of adults between 50 and 64 were on at least one social media site.

Don’t get me wrong, their online behaviour is much different than Millennials or Generation X, but they are online and they are definitely available to speak to, communicate with and target for a very specific audience with defined needs and personality.

If you do not currently have Baby Boomers as part of your marketing strategy and chosen demographic to communicate with, you are missing a major segment of the population.

Baby Boomers influence their families from the top down. Many have had children and are now going life experiences of becoming grandparents. They have immense wisdom and are generally respected members of the family and are listened to with open ears.

They are online to connect with their family and friends, much like the younger generations online, but generally are a little bit less savvy. Some of the older members of the boomer generation may be wary of making purchases online or navigating too far outside of the social media app they have learned, but nonetheless, they are online and absorbing information.

This generation wants to learn new information, find new tips and tricks and feel connected to the outside world while being in the comfort of their own homes.

The boomers don’t necessarily see the web (or social media) as a marketplace to showcase wares or services, but as a place to connect with friends and family, local community events and influencers in the community.

So instead of showcasing your products for sale and using social media to sell to the boomers, use it to educate them.

Teach them new information or provide information that they can educate themselves, and you can be sure they will be sharing that newly acquired info with the family and children – who may also have children.

Empower the boomers to become a recognized voice in their family that understands the true principles of health and shares it with them. Let them recommend your services to their families because they truly understand the value and science behind every adjustment. Educate and empower this demographic and they will act on your behalf to recommend your services to their families. Create organic referrals from educated members of this demographic!

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