11 Apr

Bring Humour to Your Content to Level Up Your Brand Image

Are you funny? I’m sure you have a bit of humour up your sleeve that you whip out at parties and are the life of the crowd.

Have you brought that element of your self into your brand? Into your office? Are you actually yourself when you are seeing patients at the office, giving a talk, doing outreach?

A lot of the content that we talk about is very serious i.e. “You have massive subluxations and are a walking time bomb m’am. We need to get you adjusted.” I mean, it’s hard to bring humour into every context, but the point is that when you do see an opportunity to be yourself, by all means, take it!

Have fun, have a laugh and connect with your patients in a way that you may not have considered before. Yes, we are dealing with severe problems that our patients are experiencing, but we are a place of health and healing, and with immense healing flows immense joy.

So let yourself have fun while you are adjusting (working) and let your staff have a bit of fun too. You will be adjusting for many years, so it’s integral that we create a space in our practices where you can have fun and actually enjoy life, because you sure spend a lot of time in your clinic.

There is a piece of this authentically real you that is so appreciated by your patients and community. It’s so nice for your patients to know that when they walk into your office, you are the same person in the adjusting room as you are when you walk in your door at night.

Especially now that social media allows for such a narcissistic way of life, where we only take and share snaps in the perfect conditions, with the perfect light, perfect filter, perfect selfie, meal, puppy, vacation, dress or car, it’s time to dial up the reality in reality.

Can you bring your humour to your online presence? Include funny memes in your regular sharing, or actually write it in! When you are composing your blogs and articles, add a bit of flavour and humour to your writing when you can.

Obviously, it’s important to keep the humour relevant, but it can be quite refreshing to have your patients scroll through their newsfeeds and have a laugh that they may share with their network.

Take a few moments to reflect on your brand personality and see if there are a few places that you can inject some humour. Keep it light and fun, never using humour to belittle or make fun of an individual, but just to have a few more laughs in life. It will make you day roll more easily and you may also find that you are happier and more fulfilled on a daily basis.

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