23 Jan

What are you saying to your potential patients?

How are you educating them about your services? What is your brand strategy? Your brand strategy should focus on relating to your patients or potential patients how they will feel when they are working with you, not just the products and services you offer. Your marketing materials need to both represent the fact that you are an expert in your field, and exactly the results your patients can hope to expect.

For example….

If you are marketing a trip to Hawaii, where would you start? With images of the chaos that entails packing up a suitcase and fitting everything in below the allowed weight, waking up in the middle of the night to be at the airport 3 hours before your flight, to then get patted down by security and wait for another 2 hours to be herded onto a steel vessel that hurdles through space 30,000 feet in the air?!! Of course not. You would begin with images of gorgeous turquoise blue waters and sugary white sand, lush tropical foliage, exotic flowers and fine dining meals!! It is essential to market the benefits and outcomes of your services, rather than the exact products and services that you offer. Paint the picture that is most enjoyable to the patients, as this is really what they will be receiving. People do not want to be reminded of how they will get there, they just want to be in Hawaii already!! So, what are you saying to potential patients? How are you using the tools at your disposal to illustrate the benefits they can expect from working with you? Testimonials are one of the best ways to cement your position in your field. It uses real patients that you have personally helped, and lets them tell their story. Focus on the transformation – what was the problem they were experiencing before your assistance? How has their life transformed? How has it improved? What are they able to do now that they couldn’t do before? What are the new enjoyments they have in life, all because of your help?

Focus on the transformation, the goals and the hope that you provide for amazing outcomes for your patients. Make the process of partnering together for their benefit a selling point.

Remember, you’re not selling the seat on the airplane. You’re selling the feeling of sand between your toes, overlooking the pristine waters of the shoreline with a tropical breeze wafting across your face. How does this translate into your office? By all means, educate your patients so that they understand the Principle of Chiropractic. Explain the power of the adjustment, and that by removing interference in their central nervous system, you are allowing their body to begin healing itself and allowing innate intelligence to flow. The focus of the conversation is more geared to allowing your body to heal and fully restore its functions to 100%. That is your brand! That is your marketing strategy.

And really, when we say marketing strategy, it really just means telling the TRUTH about what you do!

Your marketing strategy doesn’t need to include that you’ll need to see that patient three times per week for the first 3 months, re-exam, twice per week for 3 more months, etc.

All you need to say is that Your body has everything it needs to heal, we just need to remove the interference.

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