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Hi, I’m [name] from [Clinic] in [City]. Are you living a happy, healthy life, with abundant energy for doing all the things you love? Or, are you avoiding most things you enjoy or maybe even unable to work, because of annoying, nagging, even painful symptoms like numbness or tingling in the hands and feet?

Nerve disorders traveling into the arms and legs are common conditions that affect up to 1 million Canadians with the most commonly diagnosed cause being Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which can affect up 700,000 adults in Canada.

And get this…. studies have shown that up to 83% of the Carpal Tunnel diagnoses are misdiagnosed, and therefore mistreated which unfortunately includes unnecessary surgeries.

We’ve seen thousands of nerve related conditions so we know they can cause a variety of symptoms; ranging from numbness and tingling, to a full-blown feeling of weakness or heaviness in the arms or legs, as if they’re locked in place. Some complain of odd sensations, as if they are wearing tight gloves or stockings, or simply just feeling clumsier in their hands or inexplicably dropping things more often.

However, it is not uncommon for patients to enter our office who have nerve disorders that are so severe that it causes them excruciating sharp, stabbing, and shooting pains that can radiate down their arms or legs, which can drastically alter their overall quality of life. So, if you’re suffering with any of these symptoms then the most important first step is to find out the cause of them. This is where you need help. There is not simple magic bullet solution for everyone.

For example, someone who excessively drinks alcohol or makes poor dietary choices can lead to severe vitamin deficiencies which can lead to symptoms of numbness and tingling. Diseases like diabetes or cancer can also cause this type of a symptom and sometimes side effects to medications could be responsible for it. But probably the most common thing we see is a misalignment of the spine or arthritic degeneration which puts pressure on the roots of the nerves causing the numbness or tingling. These factors need to assessed and or ruled out to determine the correct diagnosis and course of action to fix it.

So we would like to help you understand these symptoms further. If you think that you might need help then I recommend that you come to our office and see how we can help. We will start with an in-depth consultation where I’ll listen to your case, we’ll do a full neuromuscular examination and together with any further testing we will figure out how to fix it. Right now we have a special evaluation offer that is exclusive online. Normally, our exam, special testing if necessary, and report of findings could cost you up to [your normal exam fee] but until the date that you see next to the video we are scheduling appointments for only [discounted rate]. To take advantage of this special offer and request an appointment is so easy. Simply click the “sign-up” button below.
I look forward to meeting you in person and exploring how we can get your life back.. I’m [name]. Have a great day!

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