01 Aug 2017

The Future of Social Media Marketing – Facebook Spaces

  Just when you thought the social media wave couldn’t get any crazier.  We give you… Facebook’s brand new beta app for Virtual Reality… Facebook Spaces. Be yourself in virtual reality and use your Facebook photos to build and customize your appearance. Connect with friends, share memories, get creative and even capture every moment.  The eventual goal as per Facebook’s founder and SEO is to build the “the most social platform ever”.  Facebook plans to spend over $3 billion in Virtual Reality over the next decade so it’s important as marketers to keep a watchful eye on the development of this platform as you better believe that as it becomes more popular, advertising within this space will be soon to follow. So although this initial release is quite limited there is still some pretty cool stuff that you can do which offers you a brand new life experience.  Watch the video above where Dr. Colin takes you on a tour of this cool new app. Will this be the future of social media? It’s quite possible but some will argue that Microsoft’s augmented reality system HaloLens will become the norm instead. The concept is similar with wearing a headset but instead of being transported to a full virtual environment, the device will add a virtual layer onto your regular field of view. Now Microsoft hasn’t released anything to the public yet so Facebook with their Oculus and the other fully immersive systems have a head start but who knows who will own this space in the future. All we know is that we’re excited to see what dimension this will bring from an online marketing perspective.

Why this is important for chiropractors who market online?

Well… the landscape, espcecially social media, changes so fast. You’ve got to be committed to growing with the changes which takes a lot of work and dedication.  Spend time educating yourself, consult with the masters and continue to think one step ahead.
30 May 2017

How To Get More Followers On Your Facebook Page

How many Facebook followers do you have today?

How did you get them? How are you keeping them?

Would you follow you?

These are a few initial questions to consider when discussing how to grow your Facebook page reach and increase your number of followers.

The first step to get more followers is to look at the content your are creating or curating. Is it current, relevant and interesting? These are 3 major pieces of the puzzle that must be met.

Current Content – the internet moves pretty fast. Content from even a few months ago is considered out of date, so be sure to share information that is current and potentially trending.

Relevant Content – who are you talking to? Be sure you know who your audience is to be able to share information with them that is useful to their demographic.

Interesting Content – share and create information that is clickable. Obviously everyone has a slightly different opinion on what constitutes interesting, but chances are if you think it is interesting, your tribe will agree.

It’s time to start cultivating your relationships online by being someone that can’t be ignored.

Pump so much value into your Facebook Page that your community actually looks forward to your posts, graphics, blogs, and videos that you create and share.

Offer content that is inspiring, informational and educational. The focus of your communications should be on educational material, to create a new knowledge or understanding in your community.

It’s not about pumping up your products or services, it’s about offering true knowledge that your audience needs to learn and then they will be organically lead to purchase your products or request your services.

Pump value into your marketplace. Stay consistent in your brand message.

And focus on doing these two things:

• boost your audience’s mood

• solve their problems

There are many ways to go about creating valuable content that checks these two boxes. You can create inspirational quotes, memes or videos that share a positive remark or inspirational quote that will help them to stay on track to their goals, you can post something funny that gives them a laugh (while staying consistent in your message and branding), you could post testimonials of people potentially struggling with the same problems they are experiencing and have a third party (your patients) explain their health transformation and how you solved their problems.

You can create recipes, exercise videos, 30 second ‘inspire-me-now’ videos, free e-books, reports or health reviews that help your audience to create change in their health and move toward solving their problems.

The most important thing to focus on is adding value to your Facebook page. Your fans will share your content and involve their friends and family when your content is helpful to them and relevant to their situations.

Switch things up by posing images of you and your family or team, inspirational quotes, health videos, articles and a mixture of your original content and content shared from other trusted sources. Keep your voice the loudest, but bring in other experts so they can begin to identify you and your values with other trusted voices and this will lend to your credibility and growth patterns.

23 May 2017

Being an Entrepreneur Means Solving People’s Problems – IRL and on Social Media

The whole point of being an entrepreneur is two fold – #1- help others, #2 – receive compensation for the value you create in others’ lives.

Being a chiropractor is the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit, and there are so many ways to help others by solving their problems, both in real life and on social media.

A good majority of your day is spent adjusting, but this time is also shared with educating your patients.

It’s not enough to talk about the weather, the latest movie to hit the box office, or your new favourite show on Netflix.

It’s critical to use your in-office time with your patients to educate them about their health and how to improve their lifestyle.

Create a dialogue about the newest study they are talking about on the news and explain how they are either way off base or why you might agree. Talk about how to incorporate this change in ideology into your patients lives. Discuss your weekend plans but make sure that you focus on going to the park with your family to play volleyball or why you are cooking grass fed, free range, organic meat on the BBQ.

Bring your patients into your life, but illustrate for them how you choose to live your life and how they can also do the same. Don’t forget to pump up the health benefits of these choices and how they will feel after implementing these changes.

The very same principle is applied to social media. Bring your patients and followers into your life, and show them the healthy highlights that they can also implement.

Being an entrepreneur means helping to solve other people’s problems – and our communities have many.

It could even be nice to have a weekly theme in your office to focus conversation and bring to light important health topics that need to be discussed. Get your team involved and find out what they would like to contribute to the conversation. They are the first and last points of contact with your patients and can be an amazing extension of your knowledge, if you train them properly and empower them to share real health truths.

Find articles to share with your patients (www.FamilyHealthAdvocacy.com is a great place to start) and print them off. Leave them on the chairs in your office and share them on your social media feeds to spread the information you are focusing on that week.

This will give you something to focus on and chat with your patients about while adjusting, if you need a way to bring the conversation back to their health. It’s so easy to get chatting and stray from the real reason they are in your office – to heal their bodies, minds and spirits and learn everything they can about creating a natural, healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families.

15 May 2017

How to Reach Baby Boomers with Social Marketing

When you hear the term baby boomer, what do you think? Seniors that are aging, disconnected from technology or perhaps in a wheelchair or other images of an ailing population?

This is a serious misconception that has been created over time and actually could not be further from the truth.

Baby Boomers fall into the age range of 51-69, or those individuals born during the boom of births after the end of World War II.

These individuals are actually on social media and make up a great percentage of your online audience.

According to research by Pew Research Centre, in 2016, 64% of adults between 50 and 64 were on at least one social media site.

Don’t get me wrong, their online behaviour is much different than Millennials or Generation X, but they are online and they are definitely available to speak to, communicate with and target for a very specific audience with defined needs and personality.

If you do not currently have Baby Boomers as part of your marketing strategy and chosen demographic to communicate with, you are missing a major segment of the population.

Baby Boomers influence their families from the top down. Many have had children and are now going life experiences of becoming grandparents. They have immense wisdom and are generally respected members of the family and are listened to with open ears.

They are online to connect with their family and friends, much like the younger generations online, but generally are a little bit less savvy. Some of the older members of the boomer generation may be wary of making purchases online or navigating too far outside of the social media app they have learned, but nonetheless, they are online and absorbing information.

This generation wants to learn new information, find new tips and tricks and feel connected to the outside world while being in the comfort of their own homes.

The boomers don’t necessarily see the web (or social media) as a marketplace to showcase wares or services, but as a place to connect with friends and family, local community events and influencers in the community.

So instead of showcasing your products for sale and using social media to sell to the boomers, use it to educate them.

Teach them new information or provide information that they can educate themselves, and you can be sure they will be sharing that newly acquired info with the family and children – who may also have children.

Empower the boomers to become a recognized voice in their family that understands the true principles of health and shares it with them. Let them recommend your services to their families because they truly understand the value and science behind every adjustment. Educate and empower this demographic and they will act on your behalf to recommend your services to their families. Create organic referrals from educated members of this demographic!

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05 May 2017

Your Facebook Page Reach is Declining. Outsmart the Algorithm!

In 2007, Facebook launched ‘Fan Pages’ and anyone could create a Page for their company or organization. This meant you would start collecting fans and build your audience and post messages to your community with the assumption that they would actually see these messages.

By 2012, actual reach numbers were showing that only 16% of Page fans were actually seeing the posts by the Page.

And that fraction has been divided many times in the last 5 years. Recent research is showing that average organic reach is currently closer to 6.5%. And those pages with more than 500,000 fans may have 2% reach.

[organic reach is how many people your posts “reach” or how many people your posts are shown to without boosting it with any dollars to reach more people]

So, accordingly, fewer people who see your page’s organic posts means fewer clicks, comments and shares. And that means fewer conversions, leads and customers.

Why did Facebook change the reach algorithm?

From Facebook’s perspective, it’s simply ‘not an ideal user experience to flood the News Feed with posts just because a Page has lots of Likes and is publishing prolifically.’

Translated, this seems to mean that Facebook would really rather that you pay to reach more of your audience.

Facebook is encouraging marketers to look at their fan bases not as a free broadcast channel, but as a way to reach specific portions of your fan base with targeted boosting (with dollars).

How can I reach more fans without boosting my posts?

Facebook has thousands of factors that inform Facebook’s algorithm, so in some ways it can be impossible to really stay on top of the curve for organic postss.

However, there are a few things that drive engagement and sharing, and improve ranking and organic reach.

Things like native and live videos, videos that have higher watch and completion rates and videos that are clicked on (unmuted) show signs of viewer interest and are better shown to your page.

You can encourage your fans to update their notification settings from your page to See First rather than just be following. And encourage them to engage with your posts because that will help them see more of them. “Please like and share!”

The most important tip is to create amazing content that is engaging and relevant to your audience. Get to know your audience and understand what they want to see in their news feed and give it to them. Post your blogs with relevant graphics because everyone loves visuals and this will help your organic shared rates as well as your reach.

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01 May 2017

Boost Your Instagram Feed

Are you on Instagram? You should be!! It’s a great way to more personally connect your audience to your brand and to yourself.

Instagram is a great way to let your audience in on a little behind the scenes action and see your life in real time. Instagram is a photos-based social media vehicle, and doesn’t allow for added links and URL’s to take over. Instagram keeps viewers right in the app and uses a lot of hashtags to categorize topics.

So once you get everything set up, here are a few ways to boost your feed…

1. Make sure your profile picture matches all of your other social media profiles. It is super important to be sure that you maintain a consistent look across all platforms so that people can easily recognize you.

2. Use the website link setting in your profile as well as you can!! If you want to grow an email list, create a free e-book and encourage downloads after they sign up for the book. Or if you have an amazing blog, use that URL. OR if you have a page on your site for patients to book an appointment with you, send your viewers there and then mention it in various Instagram posts – “Link in Bio” to connect to the right place.

3. Maintain your branding and personality on Instagram, just like on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Just because Instagram has more of a community feel, and is a place to share more personal photos and content, stay on your brand!! Use your photo voice to tell your life story, but stay in your lane!! If you go for ice cream, and want to share it, make sure it’s non-dairy ice cream. If you go to your best friend’s wedding, no shots photos!! Stay on target with your crafted message to encourage your followers to live a clean, healthy lifestyle.

4. Share your community’s posts – there are lots of apps to make this happen, as you can’t currently share from directly within the app like on Facebook, or take a screenshot and crop the added noise out of it. Then BE SURE to tag the original poster and give them credit for the shot, and in some cases, it is prudent to ask permission first. This is a great way to engage and communicate with your audience and let them all know that you are engaged with their lives and value them as part of your community. Or make it a contest in the office – have your patients use a particular hashtag that you can easily track down and choose who has the best photo of the week and then repost it giving praise for a healthy lifestyle or amazing recipe or fun family outing.

5. Maximize your caption – There is plenty of space to write a long, inspiring message or just a short quip. Make it engaging and interesting – and use hashtags. This will help your message be seen by a wider audience interested in your content, as they can click on hashtags and see all the other posts tagged with the hashtag too. This increases your #readership.

20 Apr 2017

5 Creative Tips to Boost E-Commerce Sales with Social Media

It’s time to sell more products! Whether that be your e-books, printed books, health magazines, supplements, tractioning equipment, revolutionary exercise equipment or anything else that you have available for your patients to purchase, let’s boost your sales!

1. Encourage Social Logins

Rather than having to create a new account on every website that your patients shop at, use various plugins such as Shopify or WooCommerce to integrate your e-commerce site and allow users to register using their social media profiles, such as Facebook, Linked In or Twitter.

2. Encourage Social Chatter

Place Like, Comment, Share, Tweet, etc buttons with your products and let your customers chat about you on social media. Everyone wants their opinion to be heard, so let people talk about you! And make sure you follow what they are saying and comment back with gratitude for their recommendations, as this makes your brand seem more friendly, approachable and this encourages viewers of the conversation online more likely to want to support you and your brand.

3. Use Customers to Sell Your Products

Don’t be afraid of self promotion! Post your products on your social media pages and ask your audience what is the thing they like most about his product? Or ask what changes they have noticed in their health and wellness and if they would recommend the product to their friends.

Create a conversation online and jump right in. Ask and answer questions, listen to feedback and make changes to your products and marketing strategy as needed. That is the part that seems the hardest – we tend to think our product is the best thing going, but it’s often difficult to admit or understand that our target audience is the end-user and may have valid feedback to make your products better.

4. Customer Testimonials Sell More Products

It would be great to create space on your website, ideally with each product itself, to have testimonials written by the users of your products. Encourage your clients to leave messages about how they are using the products, and if they would recommend them to a friend.

You could offer a 5% discount off their next purchase when they leave a testimonial on your site. Just a small token of appreciation for their time goes a long way.

5. Boost Your Posts

You don’t have to participate in traditional Facebook ads, where you are just advertising your product. For sale – supplements. (boring!!)

I recommend that you write an engaging post with amazing content about improving your health with several ideas to make it happen, and have your recommendation for these supplements be one of the points. Link to sell the supplements, or have the option to purchase at the bottom of the page.

Why Boosted Posts?

  • you are the expert offering amazing content
  • amazing content boosts your SEO ranking
  • you aren’t just someone selling something
  • you are someone offering intelligent, informative value
  • the boosted post has the Like Page button built in, for extra value added to your ad spend
  • content is shared much more readily than ads
  • education is vital!! Teach your community how to improve their health and they will take your honest recommendations as a content post, rather than just an ad trying to sell them something
19 Apr 2017

Want more people to read your blogs?

Here, we are continuing our conversation from yesterday. If you missed it, check out 4 Tips to Help Your Blogs Get Read – Write Spectacular Headlines and then come on back.

Yesterday we chatted about how to make sure your blogs are being read – by having spectacular headlines. People love lists, do not love click bait, we need to speak directly to our target audience, and we need to be clear and concise about what we’re saying. Now onto some more tips…

1. Sometimes Less is More

Sometimes it is very effective to just give all (or some) of your content away in a simple statement or question.

  • Want to learn to eat better?
  • Want to eliminate your headaches?
  • Lose weight by exercising 8 minutes per day
  • Are you unknowingly poisoning your family?
  • Want more people to read your blogs?

These simple questions or statements are very effective at connecting with your target audience, because once you know your target audience, you will know exactly what to say to connect with them easily.

2. Ask a Question

Yes, we just created many questions to be less but more, but there’s more to it now.

You can ask your target audience questions about their health, or conditions that they are suffering with, and let them know you can help. For example,

  • Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? We can help you reverse it
  • Struggling with eczema or skin conditions? We can help you heal it.
  • Do you have regular headaches or migraines? We can help you prevent them.
  • Do you want to lose weight? We can teach you how to lose pounds forever.
  • Do you want more energy throughout the day? We have the answer.

You can make these questions personalized to the common symptoms that you see in your office. Write a blog about it. Tell your audience how to heal their problems, whether it is to stop consuming dairy or do HIIT daily, or get off the caffeine. Ultimately you are going to be explaining that all of these things will only make a difference in their health if their brain is able to communicate with the rest of their body via a well adjusted spine with no interference.

Add an appointment self-scheduler at the bottom (or middle) or your blogs to encourage your readers to visit your office for an examination. Now that they are armed with the answers, give them the ability to follow through.

3. Make a Command – with a strong action verb

Especially critical for advertising, this method of headline writing can extend to your blogs and articles as well.

If you are hosting a seminar and have written a blog about it to explain what people will experience at this ‘most amazing seminar ever’ then we need to encourage them to attend.

  • Attend this life-transforming health seminar. Sign Up Now!
  • Transform your health this weekend. Click Here to get your life back!
  • Doctor’s orders: Sign Up Here for total health transformation.

Get creative with your commands and make them sound friendly and outline the benefit. Everyone wants to have benefits but without needing to expend too much energy, so make it sound fun and inviting and use healthy action verbs to promote the event and the benefits.

18 Apr 2017

4 Tips to Help Your Blogs Get Read – Write Spectacular Headlines

You are spending hours per week writing blogs, articles, creating content and ads, but you’re not sure if your blogs are even being read.

That stops now!!

Here are some tips for writing spectacular headlines that draw your audience in, and makes it impossible to not click and read your article.

1. People love lists.

Break things down in lists. Here are 4 things you can do to write spectacular headlines. Done. Who wouldn’t want to know how to write a better headline? And for that matter, a better blog? As I said, people love lists. They are easy to follow, easy to remember, and this generally makes the suggestions listed in the blog easier to implement.

Our brains see masses of written content on social media and around the web every day, not to mention on tv, magazines, books, etc. Lists help to break down the content and help the brain to process it.

For example,

• The 12 best vegetarian sources of protein

  • The 5 healthy fats that should be in your diet
  • The 3 best exercises to help you burn fat
  • The 4 detox juice recipes you need to have

2. Spark curiosity without click bait.

No one wants to click on an article that gets you excited to learn about burning fat off their body but it’s actually about overcooking olive oil (burning fat). Be respectful of your audience and know that their time is valuable. If they are clicking on your content, give them amazing content. You know they’ll keep coming back for more!!

3. Customize your headline to your audience

Get to know your clients, patients, community and audience. Who are they? What do they want to hear? If you are talking to new mom’s, give them information that new mom’s want.

  • How to soothe your baby so you can sleep
  • The best solid food to introduce to your baby and when
  • How to balance your time with your new little one and your toddler
  • When is the right time for baby’s first adjustment?

4. Be Clear – Answer What and Why

This isn’t always 100% possible with every headline, but in the back of your mind, it’s important to really portray why your target audience would even need the information you are going to be talking about. Write something that is engaging, gives a sneak peak of the information that you are providing, and build some excitement around your posts.

Then, if you decide to boost a post on Facebook, your headline/ad is already written. Ads are a great way to portray the what/why and this is what will bring your readers in. They want to know that they will be discovering something truly useful if they are going to spend time reading your content. So give them incredible content with that spectacular headline!

Tune in tomorrow for part 2 of how to sculpt the perfect headline…

04 Apr 2017

4 Effective Tips to Take Your Content From “Blah” to Amazing

When you are creating content, what are you saying to your audience?

Are you struggling to write for them because you’re bored? Well you can be assured that your audience will be bored to tears too.

Spice it up!!

Here are 5 Incredible Tips that you must keep in mind when you are creating content to keep your audience engaged and therefore educated.

1. Hook them at the outset. What is your headline saying? 

Frankincense is Known for Healing Cancer


This King of Essential Oils Reverses Cancer and Heals Your Cells

Make sure that your headlines are interesting and make people want to click on them. If you don’t reach out and literally grab the interest of your readers as they are scrolling through their newsfeed, there’s no chance you will be able to educate them in the way you desire.

2. Add visuals

Think back to Grade 1. You can either choose a novel with pages of black lines of writing or The Berenstein Bears with pictures!! Yep, you get it.

Since the explosion of social media, we have become even more dependent on visuals to tell the story we can’t be bothered to read. We’re too busy racing toward our next distraction that we find it difficult to focus long enough to read an entire article.

So use graphics, images and infographics to help to tell some of your story. It is engaging and will keep your readers’ interest for just a little longer.

3. Find Your Voice

In every article or blog you write, you’re telling a story. You’re bringing your set of values and opinions to a story, potentially without you even realizing it, and that is why your target audience loves your content. They love you! Be yourself in your writing, let your ideas colour the story you are telling, while staying within your brand personality.

4. Find Your Angle

There is always the opportunity for you to add your recommendations and solutions to every problem identified in a story you are telling. Use this opportunity to educate your online audience and patients to become more aware of a certain situation or problem existing in the community or the health community sphere.

Wait for it…. Be sure to stay in your lane!!! As we always say, be sure that you are on point with your recommendations, and never sway from your true beliefs. If you know that infants should be introduced to solid foods after 6 months, say so. If you know they should start with avocado mixed with breast milk, let your community know this truth, rather than watching apple sauce zooming around on that spoon while you know it will spike blood sugar and create a hearty appetite for sugar in that baby’s formative years.

Always speak your truth and follow your brand, because people want to hear the truth, but sometimes they just don’t know it yet!

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