01 Aug 2017

The Future of Social Media Marketing – Facebook Spaces

  Just when you thought the social media wave couldn’t get any crazier.  We give you… Facebook’s brand new beta app for Virtual Reality… Facebook Spaces. Be yourself in virtual reality and use your Facebook photos to build and customize your appearance. Connect with friends, share memories, get creative and even capture every moment.  The eventual goal as per Facebook’s founder and SEO is to build the “the most social platform ever”.  Facebook plans to spend over $3 billion in Virtual Reality over the next decade so it’s important as marketers to keep a watchful eye on the development of this platform as you better believe that as it becomes more popular, advertising within this space will be soon to follow. So although this initial release is quite limited there is still some pretty cool stuff that you can do which offers you a brand new life experience.  Watch the video above where Dr. Colin takes you on a tour of this cool new app. Will this be the future of social media? It’s quite possible but some will argue that Microsoft’s augmented reality system HaloLens will become the norm instead. The concept is similar with wearing a headset but instead of being transported to a full virtual environment, the device will add a virtual layer onto your regular field of view. Now Microsoft hasn’t released anything to the public yet so Facebook with their Oculus and the other fully immersive systems have a head start but who knows who will own this space in the future. All we know is that we’re excited to see what dimension this will bring from an online marketing perspective.

Why this is important for chiropractors who market online?

Well… the landscape, espcecially social media, changes so fast. You’ve got to be committed to growing with the changes which takes a lot of work and dedication.  Spend time educating yourself, consult with the masters and continue to think one step ahead.
25 May 2017

What is Conversion Rate Optimization and How You Can Improve Yours

You’ve been working hard to improve your SEO, attract visitors to your website and create amazing content.

Now that you have them on your site, what do you do with them? How do you create a loyal customer from their visit?

There are many ways to increase your conversion rate (the number of visitors to your website that become part of your community, make a purchase, request additional information or book an appointment, etc) and over time you will realize that the strategies you employ will greatly benefit your online growth and reach.

Here are a few strategies for you to think about:

1. Create Compelling Calls to Action Within Your Blog Posts

What are you writing about? Does it have a connection to a product or service that you offer? You can assume that if your audience is reading that particular blog, they may also have interest in purchasing/receiving something connected to the topic.

For example, if your blog post is titled the Best 3 BBQ Recipes You Need for This Summer, consider providing a free or paid for edition of Your Famous Summer BBQ Recipes. Think about leveraging the next piece of education from your blog, and don’t be afraid to encourage download, purchase, etc. People love free stuff, and if it’s a topic that interests them, you can be sure that exchanging their email address for the free gift is definitely going to happen.

2. Include Call Now or Book Now Buttons

What do you ultimately want your readers to do? Do you want them to make a purchase? Book a new patient examination? Follow you on Instagram? Decide what your goals are and then use that as a guide for choosing your main CTA (call to action) theme throughout your website.

3. Offer a Free E-Book, Free Report, Free Recipe Guide or Something Else of Value

As discussed, everyone wants free stuff!! Find something that your community would find valuable and offer that on your website. Something that can be delivered electronically, such as a Free E-Book, Report, Guide, etc and use that as a ‘get-to-know-me’ tool. You can use this offering as an advertisement on social media and boost the ad to show it to more people. Offer the giveaway as an exchange that your viewers must trade their email address for, and this will allow you to begin building your list.

Send regular emails out with your best content and connect with your community regularly to keep them updated on their health, your practice, events and you!

4. Set Up an Email System that Emails Your Viewer If They Abandon Their Cart Before Completing Their Purchase

Sometimes your readers will get busy and distracted and forget to finish their purchase. Other times, they need to think about their purchase for a bit, and potentially forget to return. Others simply change their minds. Whatever the reason, have your web developer set up an email notification to send to your viewer that they have items waiting in their cart. This will create a great number of people returning to their carts to finish their purchase, and improve your conversion and bottom line.

17 May 2017

The Beginner’s Guide to SEO

SEO is a term that is thrown around daily, but do you really know what it means? And how it can help to improve your search ranking and ultimately your practice? Here, we break it down for you…

What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is a marketing discipline that focuses on growing your website visibility through organic (non-paid) search engine results.

SEO helps to improve rankings, drive traffic and increase awareness about your website. It is not just about the technical side of the web, but the people side too.

By optimizing your SEO, it automatically optimizes your site for your human viewers.

Many of the factors that affect the quality of your SEO are directly related to how human viewers would be experiencing your site.

For example, the more relevant information you have on your site, the better. Search engines compare the viability of your keyword with the information on your site and this can contribute to your optimization. For example, when you have relevant information that your audience is searching for, they spend more time on your site, letting search engines know that there is quality information there, that is worth sticking around for.

It also indicates that there hasn’t been an issue of click bait or bait and switch with minimally relevant information on your site.

Why Does Your Site Need to be Search Engine Optimized?

Search engines are smart, but they need a bit of help. By optimizing your ‘findability’ it enables search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc to more easily find your page to show it to people who have searched for something related to your offerings.

For example, by being able to target your traffic and bring them to your site can mean all the difference for your exposure.

Search engines also help to rank your website, and place your content where your readers are more likely to find it – at the top of the page.

Today, Hundreds of Factors Affect Search Optimization

Search engines generally assume that a page that is popular (has many visitors per day) or has lots of information on it, that it must be a valuable page and is ranked highly.

There are also algorithms, or mathematical equations, that are updated very regularly by the search engine engineers to maximize the search relevance of a particular page.

These can include domain level link authority features, page level keywords, content value on the page, keyword relevance, social metrics, user usage, traffic query on page, keyword usage, and hundreds of other factors.

So you can imagine that it is very difficult to find the exact equation to have the best possible SEO.

What is the Easiest Way to Improve my SEO?

Create a website that your audience will love. Create content that is relevant to them, that is engaging and keeps them on your site for an extended period of time. Educate them, empower them and encourage their return.

Use keywords that are relevant to your content and relevant to your audience’s searches.

03 May 2017

What Is Bounce Rate? (And How Can I Fix Mine?)

Have you ever heard of your bounce rate? No, it’s not how many times you can jump up and down in 30 seconds.

Bounce rate is a very handy metric for analyzing traffic on your website. Bounce rate is the percentage of people who land on a page on your website and then bounce back out.

They don’t click on anything else, they don’t navigate to other pages or stay for long. The viewer realizes that this isn’t what they were looking for and pops back out.

So ideally, your bounce rate is a very low number, because we want people to arrive at our website, love the content, navigate through many pages and stay for awhile.

How do I know what my bounce rate is?

Log into your Google Analytics dashboard and all of your stats will be right there. If you don’t have access to your analytics, ask your web designer to get you set up to view it.

So what does it mean if I have a high bounce rate?

It means that your audience is telling you that you need to reassess your site.

But don’t go scrapping your entire site and calling in a new designer!!!! You need to REASSESS various aspects of your site to see how you can tweak it to make it more relevant to your audience. Help your viewers experience a site that draws them into your page and invites them to stay for as long as needed to convert.

How do I fix a high bounce rate?

A high bounce rate could mean any number of things so beginning to tweak even a few small pieces of the puzzle can mean drastic improvement in your numbers.

1. Make your content relevant and very clearly laid out. Many times bounce rate is simply because your reader found your content irrelevant to their situation or they were actually confused by lay out, content or some design aspect. Start by reviewing your content – are you using language that is much too scientific for a layperson to understand? Are you speaking directly to your target audience and helping them to understand exactly EXACTLY exactly how you are going to help them? People want clarity and understanding, especially when it comes to their health. There is way too much confusion in medical terms, tests, pharmaceuticals and murky MD appointments that patients are confused by. Be clear and caring in the terms you choose to use.

2. Is your site optimized for mobile viewing? Every single day, the percentage of mobile viewers is increasing, so stay current. If your site is not optimized for mobile, you’re missing out on a serious percentage of your audience, and this could actually be the main cause of a high bounce rate.

3. Are you using pop ups? Annoying! All of the content you need to explain to your target audience can be displayed in a visually appealing way on the screen.

4. What keywords and tags have you chosen in your SEO design? Keep them relevant to your target audience to be sure you are not adding to a high bounce rate with misleading search queries.

5. Are you guilty of using click bait from social media? Keep your headlines relevant to what you are writing about so that your readers are never mislead by the content that they are actually going to be reading (and not bouncing off of) to keep your audience engaged and on your site for as long as possible.

10 Apr 2017

Gain Authoritative, Relevant Backlinks for Your Site

An integral part of building your master SEO plan is to include relevant backlinks to your website. These help to create your rankings in Google and help you get found by your specific audience!

As we always say, the first step is to create amazing content on your website. Make sure it is attractive, educational and you have developed a following on social media. This will help you to get recognized by others who have relevant content and will make reference to your website on their website.

It is important to note that it is integral that the websites that are linking to yours are credible and of high value.

They need to be an authoritative site that has relevant content compared to yours.

What is an authoritative site?

They are credible, they enjoy a high ranking on Google, they receive a great deal of traffic on their site and lots of shares to social media, and they are influential.


www.FamilyHealthAdvocacy.com is an authoritative site. Would you like FHA to create backlinks to your website and help boost your ranking? Email JoAnne@3SChiropracticSystems.com to learn more about submitting a guest blog (for FREE!!!) to become a published author on our site.


The most important point is to be sure that you have built up an arsenal of amazing content so that these authoritative sites can actually use relevant content of yours to link to.

Why would they link to you if you don’t have amazing content already produced?

Additionally, your goal is to also become an Authoritative site, which can happen for you with a few tips to keep in mind.

1 – Blog  – often! Keep your writing and posting consistent ie. make sure you write it into your schedule or it will be the first thing that gets bumped! Create relevant, timely blogs for your community and be sure to share them from your website from time to time. You can add the Share This! buttons through various plugins in the backend of your site.

2 – Step up your game with FREE resources for your community. Share education with your audience in an interesting way – and everyone loves free! This can be a collection of delicious recipes, inspirational healing stories e-book, a 10 minute work out video or something else that you know your community would love to get ahold of.

3 – Have your marketing team create a press release for you for an actual news-worthy event that your office is hosting. Submit this press release to your local newspapers, radio stations and community events teams and you will find that they will post your news on their websites, creating an amazing backlink opportunity for you to raise your ranking in the eyes of Google, and help to build up your SEO plan.

4 – Ask for backlinks!! Get in touch with your favourite websites and ask them for the opportunity to be mentioned on their site, or if you can write a blog or offer something of value. You can partner up and give away your amazing e-book on their site and this would be an excellent way to both have a lot of mention, back links and support, but also great exposure from a new segment of the community.

Remember, email JoAnne@3SChiropracticSystems.com to hold your place in our schedule for guest blog authors, and let us help you develop your backlinks!

(Write about a relevant, natural health topic of your choice, at least 500 words, and include your bio, headshot and all relevant links to your website and social media sites!)

07 Apr 2017

Create a Better Converting Page with These Actionable Steps

Is your webpage as efficient as possible to create conversions?

A web conversion is when we are able to successfully convert a reader into a member of our tribe – whether that means they make a purchase, join your newsletter, or request a new patient exam.

What are you doing to create conversions? Here are a few tips…

1. Add a Site-Wide Call to Action

On the sidebar or footer of your website, there is space to add widgets and various functions. Here is a great place to offer your call to action ~ whatever it is that you are offering to your readers. This is where they give you their email address in exchange for an e-book, or their credit card in exchange for a product, or their name and number to make a new patient examination. Make this form look professional and inviting, to encourage your readers to stay in the process of conversion. This must be user-friendly with no tech-glitches or those people who are trying to get into your sales funnel will quickly back out.

2. Sales Funnel on Social Media – sponsored content

Are you offering a Free E-Book, 15 minute health consultation or free samples of some kind? This is a great way to bring people from scrolling past your content to clicking on it. You can link this click back to your website, where a landing page is waiting for them to offer more information and to continue and complete the transaction. Here it is also super important to make the process clean and glitch-free. Add relevant information, testimonials, even a mini-welcome video from you to introduce or further educate about what you are offering.

Your content will be shown to many more people if you sponsor your post with even just a few dollars per day. Be very rigorous in your demographic choices to make your money go further. For example, if you are offering an E-Book to expectant mothers and new families, use that as your main demographic choice!! The more specific, the better.

And be sure to end off your E-Book with an offer for a follow up coaching session, invitation to an online webinar, presentation at your office or discounted examination if you are marketing to the local population. These people have already joined your tribe by clicking YES to receive your E-Book. Now, leverage their desire to learn more from you and really connect with them.

3. Follow up with your new tribe members by email the day after their purchase or request of your E-Book. Many things can happen between clicking download and actually being able to read it. The phone rings, their child threw up, their in-laws dropped in, etc. so send a quick follow up email to be sure he/she received and downloaded their copy and ask if they have any questions yet.

A few days later, send a follow up email offering the same offer that you made in the E-Book, because they may not have gotten all the way through the reading yet.

Stay connected and make your offers genuinely and authentically. Your audience will appreciate your care and support and your tribe will continue to grow every day.

03 Apr 2017

Boost Your Web Traffic with This One Amazing Tip

Have you begun to implement the 2 Tweaks that we chatted about last week to boost your traffic? If you need a refresh, check it out here…

So now that you’re thinking about how you’re going to split up your products, services and practitioners into separate marketing strategies with their own dedicated landing pages and advertising streams, it’s time to take it a step further.

It’s time to fall in love with video.

Video can be you chatting with the camera and your audience about a topic that you are focusing on that week. Or it can be a powerpoint put to video or an iMovie set up with graphics rolling. These get great views and shares, especially when there are captions narrating the story while it rolls through. People tend to watch videos that pop up on their newsfeed while they are waiting in line at the grocery store, on the subway or during other times that they can’t turn on the volume. So don’t lose a viewer by not captioning your video, simply because they can’t use the volume when they see the video pass by.

Your video can be educational, inspiring or thought-provoking. But most of all, it must be entertaining. Is this video something you would want to watch to the end? If it is, that’s awesome, send it to press! But if not, rework some of your details. Add better graphics, let it roll more quickly or slowly to follow properly, keep in mind who your target audience is, and what content they are looking for.

Remember, the content we create is never about us or for our benefit. We must always think about what our target audience wants to see, what they need to learn about and what you want them to be lead toward.

Our next step?

Boosting web traffic with live video!

I know, it’s totally scary to think about recording live and really putting yourself out there. Talk about going outside your comfort zone. But people love liv video, simply for the reason that you are being real and anything can happen!! There are no cut and re-edits, or time to prepare on the fly. It is just you and your thoughts chatting with your audience and it can be a great way to connect with your audience.

Be sure to reference something going on on your website, such as a 20% off sale on your products, a new free e-book available for download or new recipes posted. Send people to your website to boost your traffic. You will of course also build organic traffic without encouraging visitors to go to your website, simply because your audience wants to learn more about you. But I think it’s always best for a little encouragement from you to fulfill the intentions that you set for making a live video in the first place.

Live Video Tips: Have fun!! Create a connection through personal content and be yourself!

28 Mar 2017

Boost Traffic to Your Website with 2 Simple Tweaks…

We all know the drill – create a great website and use this leverage to establish your business. But there is more to establishing a thriving business than just throwing a website together and hoping for traffic. Boosting your traffic is done strategically over time with various content updates. Check out the 2 simple tweaks you need to know to boost your flow! #1. Do you have multiple products and services? Then you need multiple landing pages. Treat each major product or service as its very own brand and provide separate advertising content for each piece of your company. For example… If your practice has you adjusting, as well as a nutritionist, naturopath, massage therapist and/or homeopath, you wouldn’t just advertise your clinic and say “hey visit our clinic for your one-stop shop health!” You would very clearly advertise for your nutritionist, explaining the benefits of learning about fuelling your body properly, learning how to cook delicious, healthy recipes the client will love and how to stick to their new lifestyle long-term. The same principle is true of the rest of your practitioners – they are all separate practitioners, and as such, need their own dedicated advertising stream. Taken online, this would mean that each practitioner would require his/her own landing page and scheduler to easily book patients. The very same thing goes for your major products – each deserves its own attention and landing page, advertisements and marketing strategy. For example, if you have a vitamin product line, you may be able to advertise the line as one product if they are all complementary. But you would want to have a separate marketing strategy and landing page for an e-book for detoxification or recipes. Keeping things separate allows you to focus on various pieces of your practice at different times, and pick and choose what you are going to strategically advertise. If you have a Summer Slim Down Program, it is obvious that you would create a landing page of its own to clearly advertise for this very specific program. Or a Survive the Holidays program would also have its own devoted page. #2. Once you have these separate landing pages, you need to create interesting graphics, memes and infographics to share on social media to draw attention to your product or service. Always link the post back to your landing page so that your audience can learn more about what you are advertising. [In Facebook – create the typed part of the message first before you bring the image in. Add your link and it will automatically bring in an image from the page. Click the small box next to the picture and this will give you the opportunity to add the image you want and still link it to your landing page. Now be sure to click the other auto-imported image to remove the blue border around it, which will mute its appearance, allowing your chosen graphic to be what is seen with your post.] These two simple tweaks to your online content will make a great deal of change to your website and practice by boosting your traffic flow online and in your front door!
28 Feb 2017

Are You Reaching Your Mobile Audience?

How much focus do you have on finding your mobile customers? There is a great number of customers who are looking for you locally, and can’t find you! And they are most likely on their mobile devices. Think about it, when Johnny takes his son to basketball practice in the next town over, he uses Waze on his phone to get directions and find the best route. Then after he drops him off, he checks out Yelp to find the closest coffee shop or asks Siri to find the nearest grocery store so he can go shopping. He uses Flipp to find the best coupons and sales while he is shopping and then checks Facebook and Instagram while he is waiting in line. And that is only about 1-2 hours of mobile use!! Just consider the other 15 hours your audience is awake in the day! That is a lot of mobile use and it’s time you let them find you! Since people always have their devices by their side, every business should focus on mobile reach. The first thing to consider is to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile use. Mobile devices do no react the same way as a laptop or desktop computer. They show information on the screen very differently than what you would see when you are sitting at your desk. You have to tailor the content to fit a much smaller screen and change the interaction to be more convenient for a mobile audience. Boost Your Posts Locally! When you boost your posts on Facebook, make sure you are targeting these sponsored ads to your local geographic region, demographic, and chosen audience characteristics. And be sure to enable mobile advertising – it is an additional option. Have you claimed your business profile on all of the localized sites like Google Places, Yelp, Citysearch, etc.? This is a super important way to get in front of your local audience. Make sure all of your information is filled out and you are verified on all of the common search pages your city uses. Be sure that your website also has your your full address with postal code complete, as this helps to boost your SEO and ability to be found. Ensure that your Facebook page has your full address filled out and people can check in to your business. When your patients check in, it shows their friends where they are, boosts your visibility and grows your recognition in the community. And what is better than a personal referral? You got it. Not much! But, don’t think for one second that your audience is only using their mobile devices while out and about!!

Based on global mobile internet users, users’ primary locations while accessing their mobile are at home (33%), public place (27%), while traveling or roaming (23%), and at work (17%). (source: Global Web Index).

This is why it’s so important to optimize your mobile accessibility because you can see from these numbers that the majority of your audience is accessing information on their mobile devices from home and work, not only out in public or on the go. So that means your audience is sitting on the couch at home accessing information about you, so be sure that it is easy to read, find and access! With Sources from:
The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Mobile Ad Campaign
17 Feb 2017

The 3-Point SEO Cheat Sheet to Win Content Marketing

SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Are you optimizing your ability to be found by Google, and in essence, your specific audience? Here is a 3-Point SEO Cheat Sheet for making sure your content can be found.

1. What Keywords Are You Using?

It is incredibly important to understand your specific audience and to be able to find them – and this is made so much easier by actually understanding them! How do they speak? What are their troubles? What words do they use? What are their symptoms? How would they describe the help they need? What are the common conditions that plague that segmented demographic that you would like to communicate with? For example: If you are working with young families, and would like to target new mom’s who need help with the health and development of their children, here are some questions that you need to be able to answer: Which words would work better? • infants or babies? • kids or children? • adjustment or treatment? • adolescents or teenagers?

When you choose keywords, which also leads to the topics you are writing your articles about, you need to write in the language that your audience will be able to find you (by keyword and by article).

If you aren’t sure which words would work best, and it definitely differs by geographic location, education level, age, sex, finances and life experience, begin to listen more closely to how your patients speak so you can be sure that you are using the best keywords.

2. Review Your Analytics Frequently to Know What Content is Most Clicked

Listen to your audience! They will tell you what sorts of content they are most interested in learning about by their click rates. If you see three times the number of clicks on content discussing nutrition, recipes and healthy food information than commentary on research studies and statistical information, give them more of what they want!! Sure, the studies can have a lot of great info, but maybe spin that information into something more digested so that your patients can easily do a ‘grab and go’ – grab the info they need, internalize it and go make changes in their lives!

3. If In Doubt, Ask Your Audience What They Want!!

Seriously, wouldn’t the world work better if we all just did this? How can I make your life better? The answers will be incredible. Obviously you will tailor the questions to receive solutions you can provide or content you can create, but don’t be afraid to ask questions on your page, and interact with the people who have taken time to ask them of you. This is a great way to create engagement on your page, and encourage conversation, because once they feel comfortable commenting once and receive friendly dialogue in return, they will be much more likely to comment again, frequent your pain, and if they are in your geographic area, make an appointment for a new patient examination!

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