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How many new patients can I expect to receive each month?

You can expect anywhere between 10-30 “leads” or “appointment requests” each month. Geographical region, season/time of year, how well your staff is at scheduling these requests are all variables that can influence the number of new patients that come into your office.  Feel free to ask us how we can help you improve your results with our system.  Also, check out our Patient Multiplier mentorship for help with your internal referrals.

What exactly is a qualified patient?

Qualified patients is a term given to those patients that are referred to your office that:

a) have a health problem that you have the solution for

b) are a candidate for chiropractic care

c) are looking for help from you

Some of the other passive new patient generators available not only produce unqualified patients meaning patients will show up not even knowing why they are there but some methods are even in violation of some chiropractic regulatory bodies.

Our system is compliant with most regional regulations but as there are many regulatory bodies around the world where the rules consistently change, it is your responsibility to confirm compliance.

How can I improve my results?

When you get started we will provide you all the basics that we’ve learned to maximize the potential of this awesome system.  We have also created the Patient Multiplier mentorship for those who would like help building their practice further.  You will be learning from the 3S masters of internal referrals.  Click here to learn more


If for some reason you continue to struggle, we encourage you to consider our Patient Multiplier add-on option.

Can I get exclusivity for your service in my area?

Absolutely.  If we are able to accept your application then you can choose from two options of exclusivity.  With the Silver and Gold options you will receive exclusivity up to 5km or 100k in population whichever comes first.  With our Platinum option you will receive up to 15km or 250k in population whichever comes first.  Click here for our pricing options.

Why do I have to apply for your service?

We don’t to want saturate or under deliver. Our mission is to provide a top quality service for top quality doctors who can deliver an exceptional experience for patients in a given geographic location. Our current clients maintain exclusive rights to their area so successful applications are determined by geographic availability and perceived competence in using our system.

Which social media platforms will my campaigns be running from?

We stick with the trends.  Our system integrates the power of social media with the strong web presence of the website.  We will always run your campaign from the hottest social media platforms that will produce the greatest results.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Our service can be cancelled at anytime.  We simply require 30 days notice of your cancellation.

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