11 May

5 Growth Hacks You Can Implement Today

Who wants easy ways to grow your brand, your audience reach and your social network followers? Here are 5 growth hacks that you can implement today that will help to boost your growth immediately.

1. Repurpose Blog Content

Write a blog and then make a video out of the same content. People learn and internalize information in many different ways. Some learn best by visual means, others auditory, and others prefer kinaesthetic means to learn something. By offering at least two ways to learn something new, ie. writing a blog and then creating a video of the blog, it gives your audience various ways to take in your information and then a potentially higher rate of success to create change in their lives and build a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families.

2. Build social sharing links directly into your content

Make it easy for your audience to share your content! If you are creating amazing content, people want to share it with their networks. Be conscious of making sure there are built in sharing buttons to your various social sites to increase readership and shares.

3. Find your most talkative followers.

Who are the most active members of your social media networks? Send your blog posts to them and ask if they would share it. Or tag them and bring them into the conversation. 

Build relationships with the followers that are the most active on social media and think of them as a mini news system. They are the ones that are chatting about social events, or updating their network on the events of their day. As long as the majority of what they are chatting about is relevant to your brand, you can begin to think of them as influencers, especially if they talk about brands they like or products that they are using and how they like them.

Cultivate a positive relationship and if they have a relevant company, you can support them right back. Tell your followers about what they are up to and what products are your favourites, etc. Build an army of supporters!

4. Recycle old blog posts

Call it Way Back Wednesday or Tune Up Tuesday – where you tune up an old blog with new data, insights or comments on lifestyle changes since you first wrote the blog. Make it a catchy title and share it on social media. This helps to reinvigorate some ranking for your site because older posts tend to have a lower share adding to internal page rank.

5. Who can you partner with?

It’s easy to automatically consider that similar brands are competition. But if you look more closely, find out if your products and services actually do compete or do they complement each other?

Partnering with a similar brand that complements your audience or your community is a great way to add value to your brand. It lets your followers know that you have their best interests at heart and that you’ve done the research for them. They trust you, and if you trust another company, they will automatically trust the company as well.

The same idea goes for your co-marketing company. Their followers will immediately trust your brand because they trust the other company. This is an excellent way to increase your exposure to similar audiences that may not have met your brand yet. Be open to meeting new companies and investigate how you can work together to benefit both of you, as well as your communities.

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