01 Jun

The Best Ways to Reach Customers in 2017

Marketing is not just about telling your customers about your products and why they should buy them. That is just one wave in a very large ocean.

And marketing is also not just about creating repeat business and repeat purchases.

One major wave of the marketing ocean is about adding value to your marketplace and creating customers who love your products and services. Ensure their happiness throughout their life cycle as a customer and empower them to become an advocate for your company.

Here are some of the best ways to reach customers in 2017. And you’ll notice it’s not just about telling them to make a purchase and why.

Interactive Newsletters

Some marketers say that email marketing is dead, others say it is a mainstay in their business. This is a tricky marketing niche because it is very dependent upon your demographic, your list, your products and varying factors that are unique to you. Decided if interactive newsletters / emails are right for your market and then use them to leverage your position. Include amazing content so that your audience is actually excited to open up your emails!

Customer User Groups / Events

Set up a customer user group if you sell products to discover how they are using your products, answer questions and be sure that they are indeed using them correctly. This might be an opportunity to give away some free product to these customers who are obviously interested, and encourage them to blog or post about it on social media. Build an army of influencers who love your products and/or services and want to share them.

Advocate Marketing / Influencer Marketing

Find opportunities to connect with your customers/patients and find ways to work together to promote your products and services together. The best advertising is by word of mouth, and if your customers are telling their friends and family about you or your products/services, this is a big deal. Create a system with some of your customers that have larger audiences and high numbers of followers that will provide them with free products if they blog about them and share on social media, or some form of compensation that is satisfactory to both parties. This is powerful word of mouth marketing!

Importance of Testimonials

We all want social proof of claims actually being legitimate. Include as many written and video testimonials as you can get that back up your claims of improved health, reduced medications, weight loss, reduced pain, and an interference-free nervous system.

Social Media Community Interaction

You are on social media – so be social! Interact with your community, ask questions, answer questions, connect and get to know your audience!

Free – Upsell Campaigns

You offer lots of FREE e-Books, reports, and recipe books right? Well what about creating a package that offers 7 free work out videos, and add an incredible 7 day meal plan guide to rapid, safe weight loss that is paid for! Don’t make it cost a great deal of money, but have your community start to realize that some of your content is paid for and it is totally worth it.

Referral Programs

When your patients bring their friends and family to you to get checked, how do you thank your referring patient? Create a referral program that gives a valuable gift to your referring patients after a set number of referrals start care, or a smaller gift for each referral. See what works at your office and build up your referrals organically.

There are many ways to reach your customers – the most important thing to remember is to be creative in your approach and offer amazing content, education and value.

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