23 Feb

Content Marketing Success: Why Answering Questions Sells.

If you were about to be potentially exposed to a whole new profession, or paradigm of health, you would have many, many questions. For example, if we are meeting new patients for the first time, sometimes it is easy to forget how little they may actually know about their own health and about various health options that are even available and how you can help them. If you are an amazing communicator and can fully explain to every patient that you see, both in words and nonverbally, that they are in the right place and will find their health again, that’s great! However, each patient sees the world differently, brings many different experiences, conditioned beliefs, fears and apprehensions to their first appointment, so it can sometimes be tricky to be all things for all people. Over time, new patients begin to realize that they will find their health again once the pressure is taken off of their nervous system, but at the beginning of their care, some patients can potentially feel like they are trusting blindly. This lasts until they are more comfortable with you, have a chance to learn more and can really cement their own beliefs about real health and healing.

So it may be nice to provide a piece of content for each patient to take home that answers the most pressing of initial questions to quell their fears between appointments and before heading your full report and receiving your recommendations.

Your patients may not think of all of the questions they have at their first appointment, not that you would have time to answer everything during an initial examination anyway. But the more they think about their experience later on, and feel excitement at the potential of healing and feeling better, many more questions can arise. This piece of content can also be successfully used to educate new patients before they even get to your office, so they can become more educated and ready for new information. Of course, you have plenty of information available on your website, but for some people, it’s not until the questions are actually posed for them that they may be able to realize the actual question that has been circling in their mind. When the questions are laid out for them, and they can think in the first person, it helps them to feel empowered and comfortable with the direction that their care is going. Even if the answer is ‘there is no way to no the answer to this until the doctor has gone over all of your examination results.” That is a conclusive answer, and puts the patients’ questions to rest because the answer is personally customized to their situation. • What is Chiropractic? • How can it help me? • What conditions can it heal? • Does it hurt? • How long is an appointment? • How long will it take until I feel better? • Do I have to keep going forever? How much will it cost? Compile your list of questions by thinking back to all of the questions you are regularly asked at your office. Part of the role of marketing is to educate your patients so that they can make informed decisions. Be sure to produce this Q and A sheet on your office letterhead or have it designed to match your branding. Everything that leaves your office should leave no confusion that it is your brand, your office and your expertise.

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