14 Mar

Create an Army of Influencers

Everyone knows that your best referral comes via word of mouth. But do you know who is speaking about you and what they are saying? It’s time to create Influencers that know about your products, services and principles, who are excited to tell the world about you. Think about it. You’ve just gone to a hot new restaurant…. what do you do? You tell everyone about your experience! How the food was, how long you waited for it, how busy it was, if you ordered dessert, how expensive it was, if there was live music, romantic lighting, etc. People are doing the very same thing when they walk out of your office, both for the first time and for the 50th time. Everyone wants to share their opinion with others and let them know their experiences (whether negative or positive!) So give them the opportunity to influence.

Patient Influencers

You know the ones. They are always mentioning so-and-so who needs to come in for her examination, her carpal tunnel is acting up, she can’t turn her neck properly, can’t feel her pinky fingers, etc. Give these patients the resources to feel comfortable speaking about you and for you. Provide VIP cards with all of your referral information, with her name on it as the special referrer, and offer some sort of gift or reward after she makes 5 referrals that start under care (and make the gift something that you know that your patients value).

Community Influencers

There are many community associations that are put in place to welcome new people who have recently moved to your community. Befriend these people and create a relationship with them so that they feel comfortable recommending your office as their chiropractic go-to clinic. Offer them a free examination and 2 weeks of care so that they can get to know you and your office, your health philosophies, and they can experience changes in their own health. Look at the opportunities present in your community and reach out. Who would be a great circle of community referrers for you? Work together to refer each other. Have your marketing materials available at various locations around town and support others’ related health companies too. Holistic Dentists Health Food Store employees Nutritionists Raw or Organic Lunch bars Homeopaths, Naturopaths

Social Media Influencers

Who do you follow online? Who aligns with your values? Send a DM to those people that would support your business and you can support theirs. Offer to repost two posts of theirs per week, if they would do the same for you. Get each others’ emails and give send your posts ahead of time so that you can post the same post for each other at approximately the same time. This is extra effective because not only does your audience and community see your posts, but many of your audience may also be following your colleague, and they receive a second piece of confirmation that you are the expert in your field, as others are also posting on your behalf because your content is just that amazing! You can choose to work with people who are both local for your physical adjusting practice, but if you also have products and services that are shippable, or are programs delivered online, there is really no geographic limit as to those who can work together to support each other online. That is the beauty of social media and having multiple streams of revenue – you can reach many more people and offer them real health in a variety of ways!

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