01 Mar

Create a Blog that Supports Your Practice

Is your blog supporting your business or practice? Or is it exhausting to even think about sitting down to write something for your audience? Here, we break it down so you can feel comfortable letting content flow easily.

What types of content are you going to create?

First, you need to understand the people who read your blog and what their needs are. And then, decide what sorts of information you are going to create for your audience and patient base. This can be based upon questions that your patients ask of you in your office, it can be commentary on current health trends or recent studies broken down into layperson terms that are easily understandable with the implementable solutions to improve daily life or to create some sort of prevention. Additionally, are you going to write stand-alone posts or several posts as part of a series? Or a mixture? Let yourself feel the freedom to experiment with different methods of content creation and get excited about it!

Next, you need to develop your ‘voice’

Will your content be conversational? Will you be teaching something? Will you be storytelling and spreading information genially? Choose what works for you and be confident that it will be well received.

What is your intention for creating content?

Are you informing your audience and offering information that they must know to survive, thrive or feel alive? Are you aiming to inspire them to create a transformation in their life? Are you trying to educate them on a specific topic to create a deep understanding? Or are you creating an interaction that acts as a touch piece, a lighter piece of content that acts as a connection between your office and your patient’s family?

What format works best for you and your audience?

Sadly, it’s not all about us when we write. We have to know what our audience wants and this will determine what type of content you publish. This can be a mix of reviews, editorials, teaching points, opinion pieces, news demystified, and case studies explained in layperson terms.

How often will you publish content?

Again, how often does your audience want to hear from you? Ideally, you are blogging at least once per week, but if there is a lot going on in the health realm in a particular week, maybe you need to write a couple of times to educate your audience about the real truth on a specific topic and another piece to encourage a transformation in some way. This will fluctuate slightly and that is okay! Some doctors like to write a much more intense blog once per month, and some like to write smaller entries much more often. Do what works for you to make your blogging support your practice. If you dread sitting down to write a couple thousand words and it makes you feel like it’s 10 (or 20?) years ago at 4am in the morning trying to cram in the last of your thoughts on the essay that’s due at 8am, then don’t do it this way!! Write 300 words or 500 words once a week, whatever flows freely from you and will help your patients to improve their health.

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