27 Feb

Free Media Exposure: How-To Tricks Revealed

Did you know you can get media exposure for FREE? And I mean high quality exposure that creates credibility for you that can really help to connect you with your audience. There are many outlets that you can work with that are looking for stories about local businesses, especially when they serve the community and are health focused. This can be one of the best ways to market your company, because the information is not coming directly from you. It is someone else making a claim on your behalf, to support your work, or to support your position as the go-to expert in your field. This form of marketing can fall into the word-of-mouth realm of advertising, as well as public relations. Make a list of the various media outlets in your town, and consider if you would like to be associated with the source.


There are usually several newspapers that are looking for stories to write almost daily, and they tend to love to create features on local businesses. For example, you could approach the editor and pitch a story about a seminar that you are hosting in your town, the benefits that people will experience if they attend, the information they will learn and a sneak peak about what they day will offer. Or, you may just want to pitch a story to interview the doctor about a health issue that is relevant to your area, or some health issue that has been common on the news. The best part is that most (if not all) printed newspapers have the same information available online, so you have a built-in extra audience online, and you can share the content with your social media sites and maintain your position as the expert!

Breakfast Talk Shows:

In many towns there are morning shows that feature the regular news, sports and weather, but many have several segments for entertainment, interviews and health info. Find the closest show to your area, and get in touch with the producers. They are often looking for health experts to feature and this is excellent exposure to connect with your local, specific audience. You could discuss a whole host of information, from demonstrating a 6 minute work out, to cooking a quick recipe, to having a Q and A Mythbusters session about the profession.

Radio Interviews:

Obviously, being on the radio is not as tactile as a tv show, but they still have their merits. People are usually stuck in their car or tuning in at work, so you really have a captive audience, unlike a breakfast show, where your audience might be running around getting ready for their day. Use this time to educate your audience, and optimally, invite them to an event or seminar your office is hosting. It is important to always be inviting people to join a casual event so they have an opportunity to get to know you in an informal sense, because making that first new patient exam can be quite intimidating for some people.


Invite yourself onto your favourite podcast!! Or find a new one that is relevant to your profession. These can be tricky because they can be broadcast globally, so you will want to reference your website, a product that can be shipped out, an online course they can purchase, or further information that they can find, to make this opportunity have built-in ROI. Or you can literally explain the philosophy or chiropractic and educate your audience to go and find a chiropractor in their area, and know that the information is being well used and will come back to you ten fold!

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