21 Apr

How to Get a Huge Audience to Your Live Events

Have you ever staged a live event on a grand scale? There is an art to getting a huge audience in attendance. What better way to share the principle of chiropractic and the essentials to a healthy lifestyle than getting people worked up about their health at a live event!

Ask Your Community What They Want

The very first step is to know what topics are in demand, what your community is dying to learn about, and how you can deliver that to them.

Ask your patients:

• “If I was going to host a large seminar about health, what topics would you love to learn about?

• “Would you actually attend?” • “How much would you pay?” • “How long would you want to spend together?”

These are great starting off questions to plan the shell of the day. Or half day. Or evening. Listen to your patients, as the event is about them. Often we get wrapped up in what we want to tell, and what we want them to know, but it’s all about them. So tell them what they want to know from what you know is truth.

Ask your social media followers and online community the same questions you are asking your patients. This feedback is gold!!

Location, Location, Location

How many people would be ideally in attendance? Find a venue that will hold that many and be sure it is close to your office.

At the end of your event you are going to be encouraging all of your guests to make an appointment for their examination, and you want to be able to say, “oh, it’s just 10 minutes west of here!!” (Ideally, not across the city because the majority of people in attendance will live close by. I don’t know how it happens like that, but it does!)

Gather a Team of Sponsors and Vendors

Everyone likes to sell and everyone likes to shop. So be sure that you have ample vendors in attendance to support the health resources you are talking about in the seminar. And advertise them heavily. You want people to know that this event is huge, and it warrants their attention.

Build Urgency with Discounted Pricing

Get out there and tell people about the early bird pricing. But it ends on Friday, so be sure you’ve signed up ahead of time. And the first 100 people to attend receive a free print copy of your new e-Book, which is launching the day of the seminar. So they are going to want to secure their ticket today!!

Be creative in your marketing attempts while keeping this in mind: Everyone wants a deal, everyone wants to be part of something exciting, and everyone wants to feel special and understood.

So talk to your target audience as though you are only speaking to one person at a time – because you are! Only that one person is reading or hearing your content/ad at that time, so make him/her feel like they can’t miss this event.

Market your event as though it is the answer your target audience has been searching for for years – because it is!! We have the answers to health, and we will share everything you need to know about losing weight, preventing disease, healing cancer or raising healthy children all at the seminar. So sign up now! Be one of the first 100 people to book your ticket and receive incredible free gifts!

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