12 Apr

Influencer Marketing: The New Newspaper Ad

Scroll through your Instagram. How many people are wearing a Spiritual Gangster shirt or checked into a hipster coffee shop or reading the best book ever?

There’s a good chance that at least some of the people on your feed have influenced you into feeling a certain way about various products, places or items. Now, how many of them have been paid or otherwise compensated for their influence over their followers?

This is the new wave of marketing and advertising. Have a known face from social media use your products, promote your services or eat your food and share about it.

They won’t necessarily say “oh hey, I’m just here to plug Kathy’s Kitchen”. They’ll say, “OMG we’re here at Kathy’s Kitchen, we just had the most yummy salad and beet juice ever! nom nom nom! You have to try it if you’re in Toronto! Next stop: shopping on Queen Street!”

The best part is that there are many people on social media who have incredible numbers of followers who are actually engaged in what they say, what they do, what they eat, wear and believe.

So your job is to know your specific audience! Who are they? What are their goals, dreams, aspirations? What do they wake up in the middle of the night worrying about? What is their daily schedule? Stresses?

Once you know your target audience intimately, it becomes much more easy to decipher who they are following, engaging with and aspiring to be like.

Now, get in touch with the influencers of your specific audience and see if they can help you in any way. Did you just write an e-book? Launch a YouTube Channel? Do you have a seminar coming up? Are you ready to help new patients?

The influencers that you choose can say a lot with just a little these days. Just one photo on Instagram with a small caption can say so much. You can even help to provide what you would like for them to say.

For compensation, some people just want to keep the products they are chatting about, some people want to experience the service and some want financial compensation. It is different for each person, as many people just do it for the fun, while many others do this is a full time career.

Find influencers who share your philosophies on life and understand chiropractic and natural healing. It’s important that they practice a natural lifestyle as it’s not ideal for your influencers to be chatting about their new organic tea and yoga class one day and hitting the McDonald’s drive thru the next day.

Choose influencers who you can work with and develop long term relationships with, and don’t forget that you are also an influencer!! Allow this part of your practice to develop and see where this new avenue of marketing takes you!

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