21 Feb

How to Monetize Your Blog Part 1

If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs, I’m sure you’re starting to realize that you need a blog, or if you already have one, you’ve realized the value that you have been adding to your practice. Did you know that it is possible to actually make a profit from your blog / website? Not only in the form of patients and referrals, but actual profit from your blog itself. Here is the first part of our 2 part blog series (so tune in tomorrow) that explains how you can monetize your blog to add extra profit to your practice.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Choose a few of your favourite products and services and offer links to them on your website. Be sure that they are products that you believe in, and most importantly, fit your brand personality. Please don’t become an affiliate for anything that will confuse your audience and cause them to question your credibility as a health expert. There are so many affiliate options to choose to promote, as both products and services. For example, you could become an affiliate for various eBooks or eCourses that are relevant to your community and health message. You would receive a commission on any products or services sold when clicked from your site.

2. Google AdSense

There are two ways to earn with Google AdSense. The first way is based on impressions, which is tied to the number of page views your site generates. For example, for every 1000 page views, you would earn a set dollar amount. You can also earn based on clicks, so regardless of the number of page views you generate, if a visitor clicks on the ad from your site, you earn a certain percentage of the ad revenue. This can be anywhere from a cent to a few dollars. So this form of monetization is obviously specifically tied to your traffic and the higher traffic you can generate, the more potential for earning. (And great content leads to great traffic!)

3. Sell Your Own Course

Create an eCourse that you can sell to your audience that is relevant and timely. It can be a series of PDF’s mailed at intervals or a package that is downloadable after check out. It really depends on both your preference for delivery, as well as what you know about your audience – how do they prefer to receive information?

4. Consulting

Would you prefer to offer consulting to patients or colleagues? There is ample opportunity to do both. Just because you may have a local office, don’t think that your reach is confined to your community. You can offer health coaching to patients across the country (or various countries depending on your designation, etc). You can also offer business coaching to colleagues who are years into their practices and need a boost, or consult for chiropractors who have just graduated and need some direction.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2 – more ways you can monetize your blog!!

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