22 Feb

How to Monetize Your Blog Part 2

As promised, here is Part 2 continued from yesterday to provide you with more ideas to monetize your blog. You can find Part 1 HERE

5. Paid Reviews

You can offer your expertise to companies who have related products to your field. For example, a company would send you their product and would pay you to write a review about it. You are not obligated to write a positive review, you are compensated for your time. They can then feature your review on their site with a link back to your website, providing a professional’s feedback for them and traffic for you.

6. Banner Ads

You can place a banner ad, or ads on the sides or bottom of your website from companies who are sponsoring this ad space. It is important to continue to design your website in a professional way, and not let the ads take over. As you increase your readership and traffic over time, you can charge more and more for this prime advertising space. Again, allow advertisers with relevant products advertise on your site, and don’t support anything that is not in line with your brand personality.

7. eBook

Just like an eCourse, you can create a book that is sold online via your website or even on Amazon. You become a published author and can use this toward your credibility. This is a great opportunity to promote in your office as well, because patients always like to support their doctor in new ventures and events. You could have a book launch with the goal to make it a best seller. It could be part of a larger community seminar where you offer information that is contained in your book. Sell tickets and pair the event with a mini tradeshow with booths of other vendors who have paid for space, that are again, relevant to your book, practice and health philosophy. Check out our blog to earn FREE media exposure and have your local news stations help to tell your community about the event. Invite the press back to your event and have your team book new patient exams. • eBook? check • monetized? check • best seller? check • community event? check • free media exposure? check • new patients? check. Seems like something that would be worthwhile in your office!

8. Build a List

Have visitors subscribe to your regular newsletter. Whether you choose to send it weekly or monthly, it is something to keep in touch with your community and draw their clicks to your website. The more traffic you build on your website, the greater your ROI. Send them health tips, recipes, testimonials and blogs, but make sure you give them just enough information that it hooks them to click and visit your website. This builds traffic patterns and improves click rates, improves the probability of making a purchase, clicking on an affiliate link and booking a new patient exam. Monetizing your blog is something that can be done by any website or blog, but the most important thing to remember when setting it up, is do you have amazing content to support your traffic? People will not return to your site if it feels like an advertising click trap. Provide awesome education, great visuals and interesting information and you will begin to see profit pouring in from your website.

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