19 May

Are You Planning an Event IRL? Take it Online Too!

It really doesn’t matter if you are a chiropractor in Small Town or Huge City, your reach can quite literally be on a global scale, thanks to the internet!

This is an amazing tool that you can harness especially during live events.

Old thinking: people in a 20 mile radius want to come to my event and can actually make it.

New thinking: people all over the globe want to come to my event and can actually make it.

It’s time to start thinking of your practice as a global brand. Just because you are not in the same city, it no longer means that you can’t do business with them. You may not be able to adjust them, but you can teach them about health, offer your digital products or ship them your physical products. Geography is no longer a barrier.

So plan bigger!! When you are preparing your IRL (in real life) event, plan for its online component as well. Having a talk? Have a member of your team video the entire event and have it running as a Facebook Live. And have another member of your team doing an Instagram Live. And another member of your team taking photos and posting to Twitter, Instagram Stories, Facebook, etc.

It is imperative to take your content online, and once your audience really gets to know you, they won’t want to miss a minute of the action you are creating.

But won’t people forgo coming to the event when they can just watch it online?

Well, maybe, but does it matter?

They are receiving all of the life changing information that you are providing in person, you are building your brand, people are seeing you as the go-to expert for all things natural health related, so does it matter? I guess it’s really up to you.

You could offer added bonuses for coming to the event, like a free e-book, free products, draws for amazing gift baskets from sponsors and various other door crasher prizes. You could bring in a mini marketplace of really cool, relevant products and services that you are talking about at your seminar and bring the crowds that way.

Make your event absolutely irresistible and market it that way, and you wont’ have to worry that people would rather stay home and watch it online – they will be the first ones in line.

And then, you will simply have the viewers online that are tuning in from places that are too far away to easily get to, and you have just increased your reach by potentially hundreds or thousands of viewers. I’d say that’s a good IRL event taken online!

Then, be sure to post follow up content for a couple of weeks after the event, so that those who maybe did choose to stay home to watch when they lived around the corner will have FOMO (fear of missing out) because they did!!

Share mini interviews of vendors and what they brought with them, behind the scenes prep, mini replays of live content and even one last gift certificate to be raffled off for someone who knows the answer of something that happened at the event that was either there in person or tuned in online for the entire event.

Leverage the power of IRL events on social media post-event, and continue to reap the benefits of connecting with your audience.

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