13 Mar

Are you providing value or just selling?

When you are creating, searching for or curating content, what are you focusing on? Are you looking for ways to sell your products, services or self? Are you telling your audience all of the reasons why they should buy from you or visit your practice or support your cause in some way? Scroll through your page and see what the main focus of your posts are about. What is the underlying message that you are sharing and promoting?

The most important thing to be sharing and promoting on your page is education.

Educate your patients and teach them about the principle of chiropractic, teach them which foods to choose and which to avoid. Show them what exercises are gentle on the body and joints, but effective for cardiovascular health and muscle toning. Educate them on the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs, vaccinations, conventional cancer treatments and non-essential surgeries.

Build up a community of brilliantly educated, empowered, free-thinking individuals that are well informed and thus, it is a no-brainer to start or stay under care with you.

Remind them of the problems they arrived at your office with, because generally by a 6 month follow up examination, 80% of patients forget half of the symptoms they came in with! Remind them of what happens when they abandon their care, and how the problems they experienced before chiropractic will come back if they haven’t changed the causative factors in the first place.

Help them to design a lifestyle that is immersed in health knowledge and proper action.

This can begin in your office and carry over to social media, or in many cases can start on social media and bring the patients to you. No one wants to be bombarded with posts and graphics promoting orthotics for sale, 20% off this week if they don’t understand why orthotics are essential to their health. Provide value to your audience, create amazing, educational content that helps them to understand that you are an integral part of their natural health team, without being too explicit. Let them come to the realization themselves, and then they will remain loyal, warrior patients for a lifetime.

We provide amazing content for you to use every single day in your office and online, via our sister site, www.FamilyHealthAdvocacy.com

Visit the website and our social media feeds daily for new blogs, and share them to your pages to educate your patients on all things health and wellness related. You can also print them out and put them on the chairs in your waiting room to bring the online conversation into your office, and to continue the education process. This is a great way for your front desk team to create connections with your patients, by having a discussion about the articles that your patients are reading and the new information they are learning. Keep interesting information flowing in your office and you will be known for the value you add to your patients lives, not just for selling your amazing services.

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