09 May

Reaching Millennials With Social Media

Have you defined your target audience?

What demographic of people do you love helping? Who are your ideal patients?

Yes, obviously the paying kind, but beneath that, do you love to help children and give them a great start? Do you love to care for athletes because it reminds you of your glory days? What about new Mom’s and Dad’s starting their families? Or the busy corporate couple that jet from city to city and are under a lot of pressure? Or the grandparents who want to stay active and reduce pain levels so they can keep up with their grandchildren?

There are many ways to reach your target audience and connect intimately with them to develop a positive relationship.

It’s important to really know your target audience and be clear about who they are, what they like, what they do and what their daily habits are – both online and in 3D (reality!)

It doesn’t mean that you can only have one target audience, it just means that you need to clearly define each demographic that you would like to reach because you will speak very differently to each group.

Consider writing a blog for a 20 something female, and what topics might be interesting to them.

Now consider writing a blog for a 50 something male – talk about speaking to opposite ends of the spectrum. So define each demographic that you would like to bring into your office so you can speak directly to him/her.


For example, today we are going to discuss ways to reach Millennials – those individuals born between 1980 and 2000.

Age group: from 17 to 37. They grew up in the digital world and are heavy tech users.

They can be anywhere from finishing high school, beginning their college years, to starting careers and starting families. They may be dealing with aging parents or grandparents and are care givers to both their children and parents.

Millennials are digital shoppers. They are the first truly digital generation and are very comfortable researching and shopping online. Millennials are online even when they are in the store! They are comparing brands, specifications and prices. Or, they are just purchasing online and having shipments sent to their homes.

How does this affect you?

They want details! They want to know why they need to leave their home and their computers (or tablets, etc) and make their way to your office. They are interested in the research and they are skeptical of just being fed information. They are free-thinking, freedom-loving free spirits who want to know what they are headed towards.

So give them what they want! Write blogs that make them think and question everything. Let them hear the truth and then give them resources to verify your words. Build their trust online and they will want to come to your office.

Millennials prefer indirect sales messages. They don’t want advertising, they want information. They want to know that other people are using your services or products and what they think of them. They don’t even necessarily have to search out the information they are looking for, it finds them. They follow influential people on social media and data follows their online footprint. The information they want finds them!

So create amazing content with valuable information, boost your content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and build a healthy relationship with these digitally fluent individuals.

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