01 Aug

The Future of Social Media Marketing – Facebook Spaces

  Just when you thought the social media wave couldn’t get any crazier.  We give you… Facebook’s brand new beta app for Virtual Reality… Facebook Spaces. Be yourself in virtual reality and use your Facebook photos to build and customize your appearance. Connect with friends, share memories, get creative and even capture every moment.  The eventual goal as per Facebook’s founder and SEO is to build the “the most social platform ever”.  Facebook plans to spend over $3 billion in Virtual Reality over the next decade so it’s important as marketers to keep a watchful eye on the development of this platform as you better believe that as it becomes more popular, advertising within this space will be soon to follow. So although this initial release is quite limited there is still some pretty cool stuff that you can do which offers you a brand new life experience.  Watch the video above where Dr. Colin takes you on a tour of this cool new app. Will this be the future of social media? It’s quite possible but some will argue that Microsoft’s augmented reality system HaloLens will become the norm instead. The concept is similar with wearing a headset but instead of being transported to a full virtual environment, the device will add a virtual layer onto your regular field of view. Now Microsoft hasn’t released anything to the public yet so Facebook with their Oculus and the other fully immersive systems have a head start but who knows who will own this space in the future. All we know is that we’re excited to see what dimension this will bring from an online marketing perspective.

Why this is important for chiropractors who market online?

Well… the landscape, espcecially social media, changes so fast. You’ve got to be committed to growing with the changes which takes a lot of work and dedication.  Spend time educating yourself, consult with the masters and continue to think one step ahead.

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