05 Apr

Writing Tweaks That Will Turn You into a Copywriting Master PART 1

I want you to be an incredible copywriter! And content creator. And story teller. Really, the goal is to become someone who easily connects with your target audience, patients and community. Here is Part 1 of some tested and proven strategies that work to make you the best writer / communicator you can be! Check back tomorrow for Part 2!

1. Talk to one person at a time. Because only one person will be reading this at a time. Yes, of course, you are writing for a collective group of target audience community members, but really only one person’s mind will be reading your content at once and internalizing your thoughts. So create an intimacy in your writing by using the words you or your, or other words that let your reader know that this was written specifically for him/her. (See what we did there?!)

And while you’re using ‘you’ and ‘your’ words to connect with your reader, try to minimize your use of we, us, I, as it’s always all about your reader!

2. Ditch the boring verbs and sprinkle some life into your writing! Grab a thesaurus if you have to and create some exciting action words and connection phrases that will have your audience on the edge of their seats!

3. While you’ve got your thesaurus out, work on your headlines. You want them to pop with excitement and movement, to really pull your audience in to want to read about this topic.

4. Use headings and subheadings to separate your thoughts, to make it easier for your reader to understand your content. Keep in mind that you are a university-educated, multiple-degree doctor, and some of your readers may have struggled to finish high school. Keep your writing clean and easy to understand, while using terminology you use at your office that you know has been explained and understood. (If you are ever unsure if your audience will understand a term or phrase, please make a bracket right after it to explain the meaning and significance). Don’t wait to make a footnote at the end of your piece because by then, you will have lost many readers. Remember, it’s all about them!

Practice writing fewer words. Even if you’re writing a 1500 word article, there are many linking words and filler words that serve no purpose.

Be as clear and concise as you can. Write in shorter sentences. They can be very effective.

5. No one likes click-bait. You may get many clicks on this piece, but if your headline is misleading or unconnected to your content, readers will remember that the next time they see your headlines and they scroll right past.

Respect your readers and don’t ever mislead them with trumped up headlines. Of course, create interesting headlines that are catchy and magnetic, but resist the urge to create click-bait.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2 for more tips to become a Copywriting Master!

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