06 Apr

Writing Tweaks That Will Turn You into a Copywriting Master PART 2

Welcome back from Part 1 yesterday! If you haven’t checked out Part 1 yet, click here to read it and then come on back.

So yesterday we chatted about some tips that would help to make you a copywriting master, such as creating intimacy in your writing, finding more exciting verbs, creating spicy headlines with no click-bait and really connecting with your reader. Today’s tips are as follows:

1. Brainstorm interesting Calls to Action (CTAs). Gone are the times that you would say Click Here or Buy Now. Your readers need to be encouraged to click through, or continue their learning or purchasing process. Consider using “Claim Your Free Trial” or “Join Our Exclusive Group Here” or something that will let your reader know that by clicking or joining, they will be receiving immense value for their time or money.

2. Create added connection with your readers by leveraging a personal story. Tell your journey in an interesting way that your audience can connect to and learn from. If you have a weight loss success story, or if you have overcome toxicity issues, healed an illness or condition naturally, your readers want to know about it! They want to mimic your actions in their life with the goal of also experiencing the amazing success you have seen. Be open in sharing your personal story because relationships, both online and in your office, are created by connecting on an emotional level.

3. You can always tell other people’s stories if you don’t have one of your own. Of course with their consent, or keep it confidential, tell an inspirational story of a friend or family member with the intention of sharing a great healing success and creating inspiration in the lives of your audience.

4. Answer questions. Take the time to really hear the questions you are asked in your office and dedicate an entire article to answering commonly asked questions. Be sure that you fully explain all of your answers and assume that you are speaking to an audience who is brand new to the health world. These types of blogs are very well-shared, and can easily be passed along to members outside of your community who many be unfamiliar with many common health terms. So be sure to elaborate and be clear in your explanations.

5. Most important in becoming a copywriting master is to speak in the language of your audience and community. Listen to them and really get to know their situations, issues, questions and joys, and then talk directly to them. You will know exactly what to say once you really know your audience, and will be able to create amazing content that they are excited to read, once you know what they want and need!

6. It can also be nice to end off a blog with a rhetorical question that really makes your audience think.

What tips are you going to adopt into your writing to become a master copywriter and content creator?

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