16 May

4 Powerful Principles Every Successful Chiropractor Must Internalize

Let’s be real. Some days are a struggle. Here are 4 powerful principles that you need to internalize to realize the magic of your days.

1. I can always improve.

You could be the best adjustor in your whole town and have a thriving practice and a loving family and a great team and the perfect dog, but there are always pieces of your life that you can improve. Yes, you can improve your adjusting. There is always something new to learn or perfect. You could pour more into your team, improve your leadership abilities, your communication techniques or your patience. You can always look at your mindset and see where you can adjust your thoughts to create more gratitude in your life.

OR maybe your improvement lies in your ability to say to yourself, I just need a minute. I know there are things that I can improve, but I just don’t have the bandwidth this week to work on it. I just need to get through the next few days in one piece and will be better next week. Be gentle with yourself because it’s not a race. Sometimes just showing up is hard, so just arrive with your whole conscious self and be your real self.

2. I persevere when I am frustrated.

Some days are hard. Some days patients quit care and your car won’t start.

But some days are magical. Some days your daughter takes her first step, you rock your doctor’s report, 8 people pay in full and things seem to be falling into place.

Put your focus on the good days that shine through and turn the hard days to a distant memory. Choose to persevere even when you are frustrated and the days will begin to become more and more magical. It is in these frustrating times that you learn immense lessons about life, family, practice and yourself, and can harness these learnings into becoming a more well rounded individual.

3. I choose to approach every situation with gratitude

Again, some days are hard. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day grind and you lose perspective about what we’re really here to do. Being mindful of approaching every day, and every situation, with an attitude of gratitude is essential to feeling fulfilled and satisfied at the end of the week.

It is in these moments of gratitude that we can see clearly about how our lives are unfolding. And if in any moment that you can’t think of something to be grateful for, just simply sit with your breath for a moment. How many people struggle for breath? How many times have you been out of breath and were so thankful when your breath began returning to normal? To have clear airways, to bring rich oxygen into your intelligent body to fuel your day and bring healing to others. Seriously! We are so gifted to have this life.

4. I love to care for my community and share the principle.

Again, some days are hard. Sometimes it feels like we just want to go home and stay there, but at the core of our being, we truly do love to care for our community. Sharing the principle of chiropractic and unleashing the miraculous innate healing power of the body is a gift to be cherished!

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