02 Feb

Are you missing out?

The power of in-office seminars is incredibly powerful. Sure, the huge, rent-a-hall, book-a-band, sell-tickets, and rock-the-event seminars are exhilarating, but are you missing the opportunity to really connect with your patients and cement their health knowledge? Seminars in your office are very functional, friendly and considerably less preparation. For this reason, they can happen more often, your patients can be in your office longer and more often, and they can feel comfortable (and be encouraged) to bring guests.

The whole point of these in-house seminars is so that you can really spend time bonding with your patients and they can see a new side to your office’s personality.

The longer you can encourage your patients to be in your office, the higher degree of knowledge they absorb, and this is a powerful two-fold purpose. They are more educated and can feel more comfortable to question the mainstream “health” information that they hear on tv and at their MD appointments. They are also more loyal to your office because A, they are again more educated and understand why they are getting adjusted, and B, appreciate the time, energy and effort you put in to help them feel empowered and educated. Your patients also begin to get to know each other and form relationships that carry into adjusting hours, and make your office much friendlier and a happier place to be for your patients. They will begin or continue to think of you as the expert on all things health related, not just chiropractic.

This means that your patients will want to refer their friends and family to your office because of your expertise in many areas of health.

They will be proud to be part of the community you are building and bring friends and family to your seminars to let them have a casual introduction to your office philosophy. Here are the best tips to make your in-office seminars a success: 1. Make it fun!!!! If there was only one suggestion, this would be it. Being after hours, there are many places your patients could be, so you want to be sure to offer a fun seminar where they will be both learning and having a blast. 2. Use creative titles and advertise for two weeks. No one knows their schedule more than a week or two away, so don’t over-advertise or patients will lose interest because they’ve heard about it way too many times. 3. Make special invitations from the Doctor for you newest patients to ensure that they feel welcome and that you would really like to have them there. How fun would these seminars be? Salsa and Guacamole Party Have a mini nutrition talk, teach them how to make the best guacamole ever, and then have a salsa teacher come in to have a mini salsa lesson! Turn up the music and have them get excited about fitness. Recipe Night Have several healthy recipes to choose from and let your patients choose which recipe they’d like to bring. Pot luck, taste-testing during your nutrition talk. Work Out Wednesday Have your patients meet at the office to have a work out! Power walk outside or do high intensity interval training inside if the weather doesn’t co-operate. Just get them moving! Brainstorm ideas with your team, get them involved and use their specific skills and interests to put together fun seminar ideas that are engaging and educational!

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