30 Mar

Are you educating or inspiring? What vs. Why

Yes, your community must understand chiropractic and what it is, and that we adjust the bones to take pressure of the nerves so your body can heal and function at 100%, and that young children need to be checked because they fall many times when learning to walk, not to mention potentially traumatic births and the toxins they are exposed to at a young age. [How boring was that?? …All answering what, what, what] Now, what if we inspired instead of just educated? It might look like this… Did you know that if your bones shift out of alignment by even 1 MILLIMETRE, it puts massive pressure on your nervous system which inhibits your body from allowing you to express 100% health? Would you like your body to heal from diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, allergies, asthma, aches, pains and migraines? Your nervous system must have free flowing information from your brain to make that happen. What about your children? Did they arrive into this world by having their head and neck pulled on by a well-meaning doctor? And I bet like most children, they have fallen about 2000 times learning to walk, so they definitely need to have their nervous systems checked to be sure they are expressing all 100% of their health. ____________________________________________________________________________ The words you choose to use when talking to your patients can either be purely educational (and somewhat boring) or they can be descriptive, inspiring and exciting. Let’s start inspiring our patients to respond with Yes, I’d like to express all 100% of my health! Yes, I’d like to heal diabetes! Yes, I need to have my kids checked!! Many times the language is literally just switched from answering the question WHAT to answering the question WHY. ‘Why’ answers can be inspiring and really anything imaginable. Whereas ‘What’ answers tend to be a little more routine. For example: “What is Chiropractic?” Moving the bones, innate does the healing. “Why are we getting adjusted?” So we can have a baby. So I can prevent a heart attack. So we can lower your blood pressure. There can be lots of WHY answers, but we know they’re really all the same – teaching your patients that they can express 100% optimal health! Focus less on facts, features and information and begin to find a way to create the motivation for your community to make an appointment to get checked because of whatever reasons are important to them. Let them understand and appreciate on an emotional level why they are taking action and the positive outcomes awaiting them. Use all of the tools at your disposal to connect with your audience – whether it be online, in your office, at community events or tradeshows, and be sure to create the inspiring action-taking conversation by highlighting WHY your patients get adjusted instead of simply WHAT getting adjusted means.

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