27 Apr

At the end of your lifetime, what will you have to show for it?

Do you ever sit in your office after a particularly rough doctor’s report and think to yourself, “Why am I doing this to myself? These people don’t want my help.”

As a CA, I’ve been there, but behind the front desk. Speaking calmly out loud but screaming in my head, “What do you people not understand??!! You’re standing in front of me and you’re a ticking time bomb! You’re living on borrowed time, why can you not see that?!”

Which obviously makes me think that we missed something. We missed the connection point, we missed educating them in the way they needed to learn the principle, we missed a piece of the puzzle that they needed and now I’m letting them walk out of my office, heading for disaster.

But maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be. We can’t save everyone, at some point they have to want to save themselves.

Which brings me to the real point of this story. It’s easy to waste your life chasing things that bring you pleasure, but a truly magical life is one that is spent doing amazing things.

Sure, we all want to live a life free of stress and struggle, and experience the instant gratification that means different things to different people – from over-eating and over-sleeping to Netflix marathons, sex addiction, alcohol, or ice cream to the sweet bliss of having absolutely nothing to do (which is now an extinct idea dating back to 1996), but the idea is that you could have a pretty enjoyable life chasing things that bring you pleasure and spending hours of burnt out time watching television with no cares.

BUT who really wants to spend a life with no deep fulfillment?

The time will pass anyway, and at the end of my lifetime, I want to know that I helped others in an impactful way, taught them how to live a life of real health and quite literally saved lives.

BUT a life of deep fulfillment can contain a great deal of struggle to make great things happen. And that’s okay. It makes the overarching theme of your life so much more exhilarating – as you’re watching the difference you are making in your community come alive – and that is the best gratification that you can find.

It is these moments of stress and strain and struggle that you can sometimes experience that illuminate different parts of your consciously chosen path. The fact is that yes, you are on the best path of life anyone could ever be on – offering health and healing to those who are suffering.

Just know that at the end of your lifetime, you won’t have just amassed a few hundred thousand hours of television and web-surfing time, a leased Mercedes and last season’s wardrobe, you will have had a thriving practice, filled with hundreds or thousands of educated, principle-driven patients who know the value of their health and take steps every day to preserve and optimize it.

That is a great way to spend a lifetime – because the time will pass anyway!

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