14 Feb

Fall in Love with Your Practice

We all have those weeks that seem to drag on and feel overwhelming, out of control and like you’re just trying to keep up with the chaos. But if these issues have become a common part of your practice, it’s time to assess what is actually going on, and how you can begin to fall in love with your practice.

So, in celebration of Valentine’s Day, Here are 3 Tips to Fall in Love with Your Practice:

1. Assess how you spend your time.

What are you doing all day? What are your adjusting hours? How do you spend the majority of your time?

Here is how you should be spending your time:

ADJUSTING. and Patient Care.

That’s it!!! You should walk into your office (at least 30 minutes before your shift) to mentally prepare for seeing patients, catch up with your team about patient care, events that are happening and THAT’S IT!!! Your team should be taking care of absolutely everything in your office for you. You should not be involved with scheduling, creating care plans, setting up payments, decorating your office for events, insurance billing, calling patients to remind them of appointments, or any other type of administrative duty that an active office needs to do to run smoothly. Your team should be trained to take care of all of these details, and give reports to you every week or every month for your review. Don’t get me wrong, you still know exactly what is going on with every aspect of your office, but you don’t personally complete each function. This relieves a great deal of your stress and frees up a great deal of your day to concentrate on caring for your patients and spending time with your family.

2. Team Training is Where It’s At

Your team should function like a machine. Every part knowing exactly what the other one is doing and saying, and when. Train weekly on various topics that your office encounters. Run mock patient exams, arrivals and financials until it is so smooth, you are all comfortable with it. Choose a topic each week that can be improved upon (not as punishment, but for everyone’s personal growth) and make it a positive atmosphere where you work together to learn and develop your skills.

3. Lead a Team That Genuinely Enjoys Being Together

Patients are very conscious of the dynamic between your staff and you, and they want to feel comfortable in an office that is happy, organized and where they can see that you all genuinely like each other. Each of you need to consciously bring your best selves to the office each day, and leave the baggage in the car. Of course, some personal issues end up being dragged in, but it’s important to be mindful of each other and know what is happening in each others’ lives to offer support and a hand if needed. Be the leader!! Sometimes it’s easy to ignore various pieces of the human dynamic, but it’s important to identify issues before they become problems with staff members and work to find solutions together. Decide as a team that the most important aspect of all of your roles is patient care, and part of that is creating a wonderful atmosphere to work in and be in. You spend a great deal of time together, so it’s important to build a strong family dynamic where you all know you are on the same team and support each other no matter what. There are some days where you want to pull your hair out, but you should all want to do that together!! Not because of each other. Following these tips will make your office run much more smoothly, reduce your stress and give you the space to fall in love with your practice. And in having more freedom in your practice, you will also fall in love with your patients – which is what it’s all for anyway!

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