10 Mar

A Letter from One CA to Another. Give This Blog to Your CA.

Dear Beloved Chiropractic Assistant, It’s Jo-Anne here. I have been a CA since 2009. I worked inside the clinic as a front desk CA a technical CA for three years and have been a patient outreach specialist for the last several years. (I also have a degree in Communications, diploma in Advertising and Marketing Communications, diploma in Natural Nutrition and I run two companies.) I understand how you feel. It can be extremely overwhelming to be the go-to person to run absolutely every part of the office, other than actually adjusting! There is no time during a shift to bring any personal pieces into the office because you have to focus on the patients that need your attention during adjusting hours. You have to get really good at dropping all of your emotional bags at the door and bring your best self to your team every day. This is super important, because your patients are dying. They literally are.

Every single person who has a subluxation is taking time off of their life – whether that is actually time on the longevity clock, or time from the enjoyment of their day to day life – because they are struggling with health issues.

If your office takes x-rays, you’ve seen some of the terribly damaged spines that somehow walk into your office. Even 1mm (one millimetre!) of misalignment is causing disease in the body. So it is up to us to educate our patients about the importance of getting adjusted regularly to reverse subluxations and correct a damaged spine. The doctors tend to have limited time with the patients while they are adjusting, but we are an added touch point, that when used effectively, is extremely powerful in leading our patients into health.

I want you to become a wealth of knowledge on all things health and wellness, and be a beacon of light for your patients who are lost in the medical field of cutting, burning and poisoning us ‘back to health’.

Be confident in your knowledge, because there is a great chance that you know more than they do! Even if you are new to your career, your doctor has spent time training you and teaching you about chiropractic and health. Use all of your resources to learn and be able to promote real health. A great resource is our sister site, www.FamilyHealthAdvocacy.com where we post new blogs on all things health and wellness, every day!! Use these articles to share in your office – print some out and leave them on the chairs in your waiting room, and share them to your Facebook Page, Twitter feed and other social media networks. This information is meant to empower you with information that you can then teach and share with your patients. Become a confident expert and your patients will become loyal health warriors excited to share what they are learning with their family and friends. I also want you to honour referrals like gold. Both the referring patient and your new patient. The whole point of chiropractic is to bring our communities to real health, so the more patients you have in your office, the better!! New patients do not mean more work on top of your already growing to-do list. New patients mean that your hard work is paying off and you get to save more people. Because, as I said, our patients are dying and need to be under care, need to learn about their health and need to get their lives back!!

One CA to AnotherI am so grateful for each and every one of you, for being a great support system for your doctors and your teams, to bring real health to your community.

In gratitude and health,


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