03 Feb

When New Patients Come in the Front Door, Close The Exits!

So you’ve just had a successful event and you’ve booked several new patient exams. Obviously, you’re thrilled at the thought of saving more lives and expanding your practice.

However, in the past, it has always seemed like when you’ve had an influx of new patients, you’ve had several patients exiting.

Why is this?!! Well, you’ve opened the front door, but you’ve left the emergency exits open. This revolving door has got to stop!!! Just because you have new patients to focus on should never mean that your existing patients should take a back seat. The only time that new patients take precedence over existing patients is at their check in and check out. They should have the full attention of your Front Desk CA, to ensure that they are comfortable in what can be a very loud, busy office. What are you doing to ensure that you are offering the best care possible and closing all of the exits out of your office?

It’s all in your mindset.

Are you ready to adjust more patients? Are you comfortable with your office getting busier? Can your team handle the influx of more responsibility?

Are your processes and procedures in order so that you can experience growth and expansion in your business and feel comfortable?

If not, it’s time to make some changes!! We’ve talked about training, but we need to talk about it again! Are you training regularly with your team to make sure that you can handle new patients?

You should be training for the practice you want to have, not just the one you have now.

1. Read books that talk about building a powerful mindset and follow the practices described. It’s incredible how small changes in the way you think and respond to situations can have a major impact in your success in practice. 2. Are you taking care of yourself and following the recommendations you offer to your patients? Are you exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet? 3. Are you taking time each morning to centre yourself with meditation or goal writing? 4. Do you have the support of your family and friends? It is integral to have a circle of support for you to draw energy from when you need a little boost. 5. Are you making time to listen to your team, make changes to your processes as necessary to ensure that your office is functioning as smoothly as possible? It’s critical to be sure that your team is all on the same wavelength to act cohesively. 6. Are you spending time in the Green Books to continually surround yourself with the Principle and Power of Chiropractic? 7. Are you getting adjusted regularly? You will be in practice for a very long time, and we want you to enjoy it. It’s time to put into practice the pieces of the puzzle that will help you to grow and develop over the long term to be able to thrive in a successful practice and save so many lives in your community.

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