24 Jan

The Power of Effective Training

If you were about to climb Mount Everest, how would you train for that? If you were about to cater a wedding, how would you train for that? If you were about to write a calculus exam, how would you train for that? That’s right, you would be at the gym running inclines, carrying heavy packs, hiking in a snowstorm, cooking test meals, taste-testing variations, doing math problem after problem making sure you are prepared and ready for your task.

If you were about to adjust one hundred patients in a week, how would you train for that?

By playing poker online and chatting with your friends? No way! You would be training hard in preparation. Or you SHOULD be. What does your current training schedule look like? Do you have a training schedule? Does your staff train together or with you? Are they ready? Every office needs to be ready for the “Big Week.” It doesn’t matter if you see 20 patients a week or 200. The goal of every chiropractor should be, if it is not already, to adjust as many patients per week as possible, to transform the health of your community. But how will the community be served by you, if you’re not ready for them?

If you are seeing 20 patients a week, you should be training for seeing 200.

This opens up your mind to realize that it is no different to have a high volume practice than it is to be sloooww every day. Actually it is different – you are transforming more families’ lives and bringing more health to your community! But training for 20 or training for 200 is no different. You need to know that your office can handle a great influx of patients at any time and you can easily handle it. Because these patients are in desperate need of your help, the TRUTH that you give to them and the health you can help them restore. So if you are not training effectively, you are doing a dis-service to your community. Your office needs to run efficiently, every department needs to be accounted for and each member of your team must know exactly his/her role to help things run smoothly.

Tips for Effective Training

1. Make a schedule and stick to it. Every Monday at 11am – your team knows that is Team Training. 2. At your trainings – actually TRAIN!! Have a mock patient walk in for their new patient exam, or first adjustment, or 100th adjustment and run through what your front desk CA says and does to begin the new patient’s chiropractic experience. Carry it through to what you or your associate DC says and does, and finish it off with your outgoing CA to book the next appointment. 3. Be understanding, but demand excellence. This is life-saving training, because if a patient walks into your office and does not understand the big picture, you have lost a great opportunity to bring real health to that person’s family. 4. Discuss ideas that your team members have to make the office run more smoothly and let them implement great plans. The point is to delegate to your team all of the tasks that they can do – which leaves you to the only thing you should be doing ~ ADJUSTING! 5. Have fun! Don’t make training something that you dread. Yes, of course it can be awkward at times, but it’s better to have an awkward moment within your team than with a waiting room full of people! Now, if you are ready for a big week, you can actually have a big week! You only receive in life, that which you can handle, so get ready, train hard and have a life changing week by bringing more health into your community!

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