13 Apr

Are you Staff Savvy? Do You Consciously Bring Out the Best in Your Team?

How is your staff? Really, how are they?

Do you know if they are functioning at 50% efficiency or have you been able to identify their skills and helped them hone their position into 100% power?

Your staff is the absolute backbone (seriously, the spine, the nervous system, the whole thing!) so it’s time to take a few moments to really consider who is on your team and how you can help them become everything they (and you) want them to be for the role they are in.

Of course, you can easily identify the extrovert – likely your Lead CA who is chatty, organized and the life of the conversation.

Or maybe she’s not. Maybe your front desk CA is quiet and a little more subdued and you can tell that she is just a little bit afraid to make a mistake.

It’s time for you to help her feel comfortable in her role so that she can bring everything she has to the position and to your patients.

For example, maybe all she needs is some extra script training on each day’s processes and she will spark her confidence and settle into her role.

Or maybe she needs a standing desk so she can look patients in the eye and feel like she’s on their level, rather than having them peer down over the desk at her.

Or maybe she just needs a little more verbal acknowledgement from you saying that she is indeed doing a fantastic job and the office wouldn’t function without her.

Find out what your staff needs from you to be able to really excel at their position, make them feel comfortable in their daily tasks and build a long term, valued staff member.

Maybe what they need is the opportunity to go to a seminar, workshop or regional training event so they can really see the scope of the philosophy and principle of chiropractic on a more grand scale, where doctors and staff are fired up about saving lives and changing our communities.

Make time to connect with each of your staff members and develop a positive relationship with each one of them, find out what makes them tick and then let them fly with it!

If one of your staff members is fired up by fitness, ask him/her to lead a fitness seminar, or weekly workout or incorporate that interest into his responsibilities. The same can be said for someone who loves nutrition or cooking – give him/her their own cooking class on a Saturday morning seminar and let patients learn from your staff.

Don’t ever underestimate the knowledge, wisdom and education that your staff bring to your team. Yes, they may not have D.C. behind their name, but they may have a whole life of learning and experience that they are so excited to share, and your patients will be thrilled to learn about.

Create a team atmosphere, where it is well known that you each share different talents, skills and interests, and begin to develop opportunities to let your staff shine. Your team, your practice and your patients will be so happy you did.

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