01 Feb

Tips For a Powerful Practice

Success is measured very differently for each individual. For some, it can be measured by finances, others measure by happiness, time freedom and even laughter. So for however you measure success, here are some tips to put into practice, to help you develop the powerful practice of your dreams.

1. Love Telling the Truth

Tell the truth no matter what. The truth is that real health can be a challenge. Sometimes it’s hard to tell patients exactly what they need to hear, but it is essential to building trust and knowing that you can always be counted on for speaking exactly those things that they need to hear. Choose what your beliefs are, and then do not waver. Explain to patients in terms that they can clearly understand, why it is that you believe certain things and then say those things each time you are asked. Pick a lane. Are you against vaccinations? Then actually BE against vaccinations and explain your truths eloquently. Is it mandatory for patients to have their children checked? Then check their children!! Be consistently consistent.

2. Pour Energy into Your Team

How much energy do you pour into your team? I hope more than just a grunt “good morning” as you crawl past the front desk 10 minutes before your shift is set to start. Your team needs to feel validated, acknowledged and appreciated. You need to huddle before your shift to all be on the same page, know where each of your patients are in terms of their care plan and know what the focus is in your office every day – whether that be inviting patients to an external event, internal seminar or discussing family and friends of your patients and booking new patient exams for them. All of these things help to support your team and let them know that you are the leader and you set the tone for each shift.

3. See the Bigger Picture

How big is your picture? Are you just adjusting this week to pay for your car loan? Or are you adjusting this week to buy that dream home?  Are you adjusting this week to bring real health to your community and save lives? Decide why you’re adjusting, and make your picture bigger, brighter and in better resolution than ever before.

4. Don’t Give Up

There are set backs almost every day. Sometimes it’s because your kid threw up on the dog, your car wouldn’t start and you forgot your lunch. Sometimes it’s because your new patient didn’t show up, two patients quit care and your doctor’s report had serious flaws. But you have to decide (and sometimes you have to decide again and again every day) that there is no set back that is too great to overcome. Decide that you are an amazing chiropractor, meant to save lives, make massive change and bring abundant health to your community and amazing things will happen! A great chiropractor once said that you need to see challenges as “on the way, not in the way” –  Dr. John Demartini

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