30 Jan

What do you want? WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Seriously, what do you want? Do you want a thriving, 500 a week practice? Do you want to spend more time with your family? Do you want to take regular vacations? Do you want to have more financial freedom? Do you want a team that you love working with? Do you want patients that are in love with the Principle? Do you want more referrals? Do you want to learn how to play a new sport? Do you want to meet a significant other? What do you want? Decide what you want, and I mean many, many things! Don’t limit yourself and only pick one area of your life to be in love with! Choose all sorts of pieces of life that you want to bring to yourself. Make a list of at least 20 things that you want. Nothing is too small, nothing is too big, and nothing is impossible. Now, it’s time for the fun part. I want you to comb through old magazines and rip out images that represent those things that are on your list. They may not be your identical desire, but as long as the ESSENCE of your desire is represented, that is the most important thing. You can also search for images online that represent your desires, or you may have saved some images that have called your attention in the past. Print them out and get them ready. Now, it’s time to assemble your Vision Board! Now, find a Bristle board or cardboard or whatever you have close by. The whole point is to arrange your wants and desires in a pleasing way, and place this collection somewhere that you frequent often. Whether that be your home office, your office at your clinic, or somewhere else that you will be exposed to often, it is important that you see this creation regularly. Your Vision Board will now be the main focus of your subconscious mind. It will help to steer decisions and goals, but most importantly, it will act as a magnet, to bring those things that you want into your life.

The Law of Attraction is a universal principle, just like the Principle of Chiropractic. It can not be proven wrong.

The reason that the vision board works so well, is that it promotes feelings inside of you that you would feel if you actually had that Lamborghini, or if you actually were enjoying the summer poolside in your backyard, or if you were rocking it in practice and seeing hundreds of patients a week. Those feelings that you have inside of you literally draw those experiences to you, because the universe does not know the difference between feeling those emotions due to seeing images of your desires or if you are feeling those emotions due to a real experience. This works as a magnet, drawing your wants and desires to you because they are already existing in your world, even though it is at a conscious level, rather than in ‘reality’. So your ‘reality’ becomes your REALITY! Choose well, what ESSENCES you would like to fill your vision board with, because they are on their way to you!

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