02 Mar

How to Build Raving Fans in Unique Ways

What is your audience saying about you? Are you creating raving fans (warrior patients) or weary travellers, lost in a sea of misinformation? Your patients are your greatest asset. You should think of them as your very own personal army that goes out into the world, fights off the mainstream media’s lies and dishonourable mentions, and brings back the sick and wounded to your office for rejuvenated health and healing. But first, you have to actually create raving fans that will march through disbelief, hurtled questions from misinformed acquaintances and various uncertainties because they have an unshakeable foundation of real health education that they have found at your office. Their sanctuary.

To create raving fans, you must be someone they can rave about.

The most important thing is to be your authentic self. This is the very foundation that will let them feel safe to go out into the world and tell their friends and family about you. Be your whole, real, true, genuine self and people will feel this from you and appreciate it. Have a laugh and enjoy yourself while adjusting, and most importantly, let your desire to educate your patients about real health overflow from you. Create a contagious need for real health education, give your patients the resources they need to learn for themselves what real health means and how to achieve it.

Make your patients feel special and take just a few extra seconds with them to hear about their lives, both worries and successes. When being in your company makes your patients feel special, they will share that with their friends and family.

Yes, it’s hard to hear about aches and pains all day, but if you give them just a minute to tell you about these issues, in no time, they will be sharing how they feel amazing and have been talking to their best friend about coming in for her new patient examination. Create space for feedback and let your patients feel listened to while in your presence. It could very possibly be the first time a doctor has ever listened to them. What a powerful gift you can give to them!

Understand the language that your audience uses and use this in your content creation. Not only are we creating raving fans in the office, but also online.

Listen when your patients speak, to the language choices they make, descriptive words and troubles they experience and speak to this online. This is a great way to connect with your audience and boost your shares. Sharing this conversation with friends and family is a great way to create warm referrals. Watch your social feeds and jump into the comments section to create further conversation with new people in this enlarging circle of referrals. Be reachable, yet be the expert. Make your audience feel special, feel heard, and most of all, feel understood.

Give your audience the opportunity to connect with you, but also to connect with each other.

This is important for your staff to facilitate in your office, to create conversation in your waiting area with the waiting group about various relevant health issues that are potentially being discussed in the news media. Creating a group dynamic and encouraging your patients to speak to each other to discuss some crazy new medication designed to treat some crazy new made up disease is a great way to build community, make them feel part of something special at your office, and make them a raving fan!

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