07 Feb

The Trick to Asking For Referrals That you Must Know

Now that you are working with 3S Chiropractic Systems and are experiencing fresh faces walking into your clinic, what are you doing to leverage your new patients and bring in the rest of their referral circles? Each new patient has the potential to expand your clinic exponentially. When you think about it, the average new patient with a relatively small family can have up to 10-15 people they could easily refer to your office. And each of those referrals also have 10-15 close people that they can bring to your office. So with just a few new patients, your office can potentially grow by up to 100 adjustments in a month in a very short period of time. If you do things right!

What are you doing to capture these very warm leads who desperately need your help?

1. Develop a “mandatory” family check in your office. Philosophy: No one left behind. It’s crazy that just Mom or just Dad would be getting adjusted, while the rest of the family is at home, while probably experiencing a whole host of health issues. From back pain, to diabetes, cancer or allergies, there is always someone at home who needs help too. Create a culture in your office that is based on family health. It’s awfully hard for one family member to learn all sorts of new and wonderful things in your office and then go home to implement them, and experience pushback from the others who do not yet know what they don’t know. Invite all family members to be checked right away. “No obligation to start under care, but we just don’t want to miss anything going on at home that could have been prevented or corrected.” 2. Create a VIP card for your new patients to give to their extended friends, family and colleagues. Get them talking about their new care and the changes that they are experiencing. Choose what works for your office – is a VIP card with a complimentary examination what you’d like to offer, or a $35 examination? It’s up to you and the regulations you follow, but make the offer interesting, and actually make your new patients feel like a ViP, and they will love giving out their VIP card to friends in need. Just make sure you give them a new VIP card and a very heartfelt “Thank you for caring enough about (name) to refer them to our office. I know we can help her/him improve his/her health.” Create warrior patients that spread the word about your office for you ~ they are the best means of advertising you could ever implement! 3. Ask!! “Did you read that article about aspartame? Is there anyone you know that still drinks diet coke, or uses artificial sweeteners? You should invite them to our seminar next Wednesday evening here in the office. We’re talking about the dangers of aspartame, some great alternatives and making some really cool recipes that we’re all going to taste test. It’ll be fun. Get signed up at the front desk.” And then your front desk staff will obviously do the second verbal invitation to attend the seminar and get them signed up. This is a great way for your new patients to become culturalized into your practice and feel safe to bring their friends and family in a non-obligatory way. Free Event? Check! Free Food? Even Better! Mentioning complimentary health checks before wrapping up the seminar for all guests who attended? Golden. Focus on keeping your new patients in your office while giving them the opportunity to share the message of health and healing for you, within their circles of referrals.

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