04 Apr

4 Effective Tips to Take Your Content From “Blah” to Amazing

When you are creating content, what are you saying to your audience?

Are you struggling to write for them because you’re bored? Well you can be assured that your audience will be bored to tears too.

Spice it up!!

Here are 5 Incredible Tips that you must keep in mind when you are creating content to keep your audience engaged and therefore educated.

1. Hook them at the outset. What is your headline saying? 

Frankincense is Known for Healing Cancer


This King of Essential Oils Reverses Cancer and Heals Your Cells

Make sure that your headlines are interesting and make people want to click on them. If you don’t reach out and literally grab the interest of your readers as they are scrolling through their newsfeed, there’s no chance you will be able to educate them in the way you desire.

2. Add visuals

Think back to Grade 1. You can either choose a novel with pages of black lines of writing or The Berenstein Bears with pictures!! Yep, you get it.

Since the explosion of social media, we have become even more dependent on visuals to tell the story we can’t be bothered to read. We’re too busy racing toward our next distraction that we find it difficult to focus long enough to read an entire article.

So use graphics, images and infographics to help to tell some of your story. It is engaging and will keep your readers’ interest for just a little longer.

3. Find Your Voice

In every article or blog you write, you’re telling a story. You’re bringing your set of values and opinions to a story, potentially without you even realizing it, and that is why your target audience loves your content. They love you! Be yourself in your writing, let your ideas colour the story you are telling, while staying within your brand personality.

4. Find Your Angle

There is always the opportunity for you to add your recommendations and solutions to every problem identified in a story you are telling. Use this opportunity to educate your online audience and patients to become more aware of a certain situation or problem existing in the community or the health community sphere.

Wait for it…. Be sure to stay in your lane!!! As we always say, be sure that you are on point with your recommendations, and never sway from your true beliefs. If you know that infants should be introduced to solid foods after 6 months, say so. If you know they should start with avocado mixed with breast milk, let your community know this truth, rather than watching apple sauce zooming around on that spoon while you know it will spike blood sugar and create a hearty appetite for sugar in that baby’s formative years.

Always speak your truth and follow your brand, because people want to hear the truth, but sometimes they just don’t know it yet!

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