18 Apr

4 Tips to Help Your Blogs Get Read – Write Spectacular Headlines

You are spending hours per week writing blogs, articles, creating content and ads, but you’re not sure if your blogs are even being read.

That stops now!!

Here are some tips for writing spectacular headlines that draw your audience in, and makes it impossible to not click and read your article.

1. People love lists.

Break things down in lists. Here are 4 things you can do to write spectacular headlines. Done. Who wouldn’t want to know how to write a better headline? And for that matter, a better blog? As I said, people love lists. They are easy to follow, easy to remember, and this generally makes the suggestions listed in the blog easier to implement.

Our brains see masses of written content on social media and around the web every day, not to mention on tv, magazines, books, etc. Lists help to break down the content and help the brain to process it.

For example,

• The 12 best vegetarian sources of protein

  • The 5 healthy fats that should be in your diet
  • The 3 best exercises to help you burn fat
  • The 4 detox juice recipes you need to have

2. Spark curiosity without click bait.

No one wants to click on an article that gets you excited to learn about burning fat off their body but it’s actually about overcooking olive oil (burning fat). Be respectful of your audience and know that their time is valuable. If they are clicking on your content, give them amazing content. You know they’ll keep coming back for more!!

3. Customize your headline to your audience

Get to know your clients, patients, community and audience. Who are they? What do they want to hear? If you are talking to new mom’s, give them information that new mom’s want.

  • How to soothe your baby so you can sleep
  • The best solid food to introduce to your baby and when
  • How to balance your time with your new little one and your toddler
  • When is the right time for baby’s first adjustment?

4. Be Clear – Answer What and Why

This isn’t always 100% possible with every headline, but in the back of your mind, it’s important to really portray why your target audience would even need the information you are going to be talking about. Write something that is engaging, gives a sneak peak of the information that you are providing, and build some excitement around your posts.

Then, if you decide to boost a post on Facebook, your headline/ad is already written. Ads are a great way to portray the what/why and this is what will bring your readers in. They want to know that they will be discovering something truly useful if they are going to spend time reading your content. So give them incredible content with that spectacular headline!

Tune in tomorrow for part 2 of how to sculpt the perfect headline…

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