20 Apr

5 Creative Tips to Boost E-Commerce Sales with Social Media

It’s time to sell more products! Whether that be your e-books, printed books, health magazines, supplements, tractioning equipment, revolutionary exercise equipment or anything else that you have available for your patients to purchase, let’s boost your sales!

1. Encourage Social Logins

Rather than having to create a new account on every website that your patients shop at, use various plugins such as Shopify or WooCommerce to integrate your e-commerce site and allow users to register using their social media profiles, such as Facebook, Linked In or Twitter.

2. Encourage Social Chatter

Place Like, Comment, Share, Tweet, etc buttons with your products and let your customers chat about you on social media. Everyone wants their opinion to be heard, so let people talk about you! And make sure you follow what they are saying and comment back with gratitude for their recommendations, as this makes your brand seem more friendly, approachable and this encourages viewers of the conversation online more likely to want to support you and your brand.

3. Use Customers to Sell Your Products

Don’t be afraid of self promotion! Post your products on your social media pages and ask your audience what is the thing they like most about his product? Or ask what changes they have noticed in their health and wellness and if they would recommend the product to their friends.

Create a conversation online and jump right in. Ask and answer questions, listen to feedback and make changes to your products and marketing strategy as needed. That is the part that seems the hardest – we tend to think our product is the best thing going, but it’s often difficult to admit or understand that our target audience is the end-user and may have valid feedback to make your products better.

4. Customer Testimonials Sell More Products

It would be great to create space on your website, ideally with each product itself, to have testimonials written by the users of your products. Encourage your clients to leave messages about how they are using the products, and if they would recommend them to a friend.

You could offer a 5% discount off their next purchase when they leave a testimonial on your site. Just a small token of appreciation for their time goes a long way.

5. Boost Your Posts

You don’t have to participate in traditional Facebook ads, where you are just advertising your product. For sale – supplements. (boring!!)

I recommend that you write an engaging post with amazing content about improving your health with several ideas to make it happen, and have your recommendation for these supplements be one of the points. Link to sell the supplements, or have the option to purchase at the bottom of the page.

Why Boosted Posts?

  • you are the expert offering amazing content
  • amazing content boosts your SEO ranking
  • you aren’t just someone selling something
  • you are someone offering intelligent, informative value
  • the boosted post has the Like Page button built in, for extra value added to your ad spend
  • content is shared much more readily than ads
  • education is vital!! Teach your community how to improve their health and they will take your honest recommendations as a content post, rather than just an ad trying to sell them something

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