15 Feb

5 Elements of High-Converting Facebook Pages You Need to Implement Now

Do you have a Facebook page? It is an integral part of running a successful practice, and one that can pay immense dividends if you leverage it correctly. There are several elements that are crucial to follow to create a Facebook page that converts your audience into patients. And then a continued formula to turn patients into highly loyal, educated, referring warrior patients.

Here are the 5 Elements of a High Converting Facebook Page:

1. Make it Personal!

Building a Facebook page is not just about showcasing your business, it’s about sharing some of your self too! This is a place to connect with your audience and create a dynamic page that offers lots of relevant education that they will look forward to receiving, but to also add some personal quips to show what you and your circle are up to. This can be images of you working out, some meal snaps to show that you actually follow your own clean eating advice, or various events that you and your family participate in. This is a controlled window for your specific audience and patients to get to know you outside of the office, which is a great way to create solid, trusting relationships inside the office.

2. Project Your Brand and Attitude

One of the worst branding mistakes you can make on social media is when someone is visiting your Facebook page and your logo is not the same signage they see at your clinic. Or the colours are different, or it’s an outdated version, or maybe not even there at all. Social media is one of the easiest ways to keep your brand consistent with your brand loyalty. In addition to your brand being visibly prominent, it is important to use the same language and portray the same types of information that you disseminate in your office – from blog links, articles you share, graphics you design and content you create.

3. Understand Your Audience

Who are you talking to? Customize your information to your audience. What demographic makes up 80% of your practice? Who do you want to attract? Create information for the audience you want to have more of in your office. For example, if you enjoy treating athletes, share information for athletes such as prevention of injuries, concussions, and workout recovery tips. If you are building a family practice, share information about children’s health, pregnancy, vaccinations and nutrition info for a growing family. Whatever content you are creating or sharing helps to build your position as the expert in that field. So be a confident content creator and help to educate your audience!

4. Develop a Clear Marketing Goal

Think about and define your goals. Do you want to create a booming Facebook page with lots of engagement to: • monetize products and create joint ventures? • use your page as a landing page to take people to your website for more information? • have people sign up for new patient exams? • advertise your seminars, workshops and events to fill the seats? Decide what your goals are and use that to begin to steer the strategic information you disseminate.

5. Cultivate Engagement and Conversation

Ask relevant questions of your audience about their experiences, in regard to various posts you make, and create a space for open sharing. Or let them ask questions. You could host a Facebook Live video and have Q and A time for your audience to write their questions and you can answer them live. That is a great way to connect and engage your audience.

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