24 Feb

5 Ways to Sell More Products via Social Media

Want to sell more products via social media? Do these things:

1. Discover Which Platforms Your Chosen Demographic Uses Most

Is your specific audience on Instagram? Facebook? Linked In? Twitter? Find them there and talk to them! A/B test your advertising to see which images and copy is more resounding with your audience and which are more likely to see clicks and sales.

2. Offer Products / Services that Your Customers Need and Want

Give yourself a chance! Find out what your customers need and what they want. The difference is amazing. So do your research, both in your office and in the community to know your audience for certain, and be able to deliver exactly what they will be drawn to purchase.

3. Make the Purchase Process Simple

A simple landing page with more information they can scroll through, lots of images of the product, testimonials and refund information is all necessary to make your audience feel comfortable to make a purchase. At the bottom of the landing page should be a simple cart, to review the order and confirm the sale. No fancy extra clicks, because that is a sure fire way to lose them!

4. Optimize Your Site for Mobile Users

The trends are swaying toward more mobile use and heavier mobile purchases. Your site, landing page and check out must be optimized for mobile viewers to maximize your sales.

5. Be Quick to Respond to Message Queries

You have a short window to reply to any questions about your products or services, because your audience is continually bombarded with information, advertising and offers for so many other ways to spend their money. Let them choose to spend money with you by offering quick reply support to this very fast paced way to do business.

6. Use Strategic Calls to Action

Your language, again, needs to appeal to your audience. Something may work perfectly in one demographic but crashes and burns in another. Know your audience and know the reasons for why they may need or want to make this purchase, or receive this product or service and tell them in their own words why it will massively benefit them. For example, if you are promoting a product or service that will help your audience lose weight, consider these calls to action for the same weight loss product, all saying very different things:

1. Click Here to Lose Weight Fast

2. Buy Now to Transform Your Life 3. Say YES to Changing Your Diet • You are offering a product or service that will help them drop serious weight quickly, so the first option may be the best option for your audience. It is clear, says exactly what will (should) happen and leaves no room for questions. • The second CTA is much more broad, and potentially through losing weight, it could change so many aspects of your life to create more freedom, joy and health through a major transformation. But is this too much for some people? Do they just want to lose weight NOW? • The third option may not see much success at all – I mean, who wants to change their diet?! Everyone wants to eat whatever they want, so actually choosing YES and agreeing to change their diet may be the opposite of what they want. Especially after you created such a convincing landing page, they were starting to have hope of losing weight fast, and now they have to commit to changing their diet?? Ugh not right now, thank you very much!

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