01 May

Boost Your Instagram Feed

Are you on Instagram? You should be!! It’s a great way to more personally connect your audience to your brand and to yourself.

Instagram is a great way to let your audience in on a little behind the scenes action and see your life in real time. Instagram is a photos-based social media vehicle, and doesn’t allow for added links and URL’s to take over. Instagram keeps viewers right in the app and uses a lot of hashtags to categorize topics.

So once you get everything set up, here are a few ways to boost your feed…

1. Make sure your profile picture matches all of your other social media profiles. It is super important to be sure that you maintain a consistent look across all platforms so that people can easily recognize you.

2. Use the website link setting in your profile as well as you can!! If you want to grow an email list, create a free e-book and encourage downloads after they sign up for the book. Or if you have an amazing blog, use that URL. OR if you have a page on your site for patients to book an appointment with you, send your viewers there and then mention it in various Instagram posts – “Link in Bio” to connect to the right place.

3. Maintain your branding and personality on Instagram, just like on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Just because Instagram has more of a community feel, and is a place to share more personal photos and content, stay on your brand!! Use your photo voice to tell your life story, but stay in your lane!! If you go for ice cream, and want to share it, make sure it’s non-dairy ice cream. If you go to your best friend’s wedding, no shots photos!! Stay on target with your crafted message to encourage your followers to live a clean, healthy lifestyle.

4. Share your community’s posts – there are lots of apps to make this happen, as you can’t currently share from directly within the app like on Facebook, or take a screenshot and crop the added noise out of it. Then BE SURE to tag the original poster and give them credit for the shot, and in some cases, it is prudent to ask permission first. This is a great way to engage and communicate with your audience and let them all know that you are engaged with their lives and value them as part of your community. Or make it a contest in the office – have your patients use a particular hashtag that you can easily track down and choose who has the best photo of the week and then repost it giving praise for a healthy lifestyle or amazing recipe or fun family outing.

5. Maximize your caption – There is plenty of space to write a long, inspiring message or just a short quip. Make it engaging and interesting – and use hashtags. This will help your message be seen by a wider audience interested in your content, as they can click on hashtags and see all the other posts tagged with the hashtag too. This increases your #readership.

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