24 Mar

Bring the Authenticity Back to Social Media

Who are you? What do you want to be? What are you actually being? Let’s be real for a minute. Are you one of those people online who lives in a perfectly perfect social media world, where everything you post is beautiful, your dinner plate is perfected into artwork, your perfect children are always smiling, you’re always on your way back from working out and your practice couldn’t be thriving more if you tried? I’m calling you out! Yes, we all want to show our best sides, share the best stories and live in a fantasy world. But are you ever a little bit guilty of portraying a fake-perfect-world? I’m sure we all are. So I’m going to step up and say that it’s time we bring the authenticity back to social media!! Let your hair blow in the wind during your Insta-story, don’t worry if your dog is barking during your Facebook Live and don’t be afraid to show some of the real, imperfect parts of your day. We all connect with the real human-ness of candid posts, so feel free to be yourself, be authentic and own it! However, as I say this, I also have to say Stay in Your Lane!! As authentic as I encourage you to be the real you, you are still representing your brand as a health expert. So choose your imperfectness posts wisely – no overtly junky food that will have your patients calling you out on, but having said that, no one is perfect either. Let your audience get a true sense of who you are, both in practice and in personal life. Share time with your family and the joys you have in life. If you love to go hiking with your dogs, document it! Bring an aspect of personalized information to your posts and incorporate it into your brand. Your brand really is an extension of your personal and public persona, applied to your practice. So it’s really all just YOU and your personality creating your brand personality. That’s why it’s important to be really clear about who you are, because your patients are taking cues from your healthy choices and incorporating them into their lives. Additionally, don’t be afraid to voice your true opinions. If you are against vaccinations, explain why, offer education and urge your followers to do their research. If you believe in eating a paleo diet, teach people how to remove the processed foods from their diets and make sure they understand the importance of replacing them with vegetables and healthy meat choices. All of the things that you post, share or pass on to your followers builds your brand, so it is important to always create this content with your brand at the top of your mind. Stay consistent to what you are teaching at your office about health, while being truly authentic and true to yourself.

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