23 May

Being an Entrepreneur Means Solving People’s Problems – IRL and on Social Media

The whole point of being an entrepreneur is two fold – #1- help others, #2 – receive compensation for the value you create in others’ lives.

Being a chiropractor is the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit, and there are so many ways to help others by solving their problems, both in real life and on social media.

A good majority of your day is spent adjusting, but this time is also shared with educating your patients.

It’s not enough to talk about the weather, the latest movie to hit the box office, or your new favourite show on Netflix.

It’s critical to use your in-office time with your patients to educate them about their health and how to improve their lifestyle.

Create a dialogue about the newest study they are talking about on the news and explain how they are either way off base or why you might agree. Talk about how to incorporate this change in ideology into your patients lives. Discuss your weekend plans but make sure that you focus on going to the park with your family to play volleyball or why you are cooking grass fed, free range, organic meat on the BBQ.

Bring your patients into your life, but illustrate for them how you choose to live your life and how they can also do the same. Don’t forget to pump up the health benefits of these choices and how they will feel after implementing these changes.

The very same principle is applied to social media. Bring your patients and followers into your life, and show them the healthy highlights that they can also implement.

Being an entrepreneur means helping to solve other people’s problems – and our communities have many.

It could even be nice to have a weekly theme in your office to focus conversation and bring to light important health topics that need to be discussed. Get your team involved and find out what they would like to contribute to the conversation. They are the first and last points of contact with your patients and can be an amazing extension of your knowledge, if you train them properly and empower them to share real health truths.

Find articles to share with your patients (www.FamilyHealthAdvocacy.com is a great place to start) and print them off. Leave them on the chairs in your office and share them on your social media feeds to spread the information you are focusing on that week.

This will give you something to focus on and chat with your patients about while adjusting, if you need a way to bring the conversation back to their health. It’s so easy to get chatting and stray from the real reason they are in your office – to heal their bodies, minds and spirits and learn everything they can about creating a natural, healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families.

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