05 May

Your Facebook Page Reach is Declining. Outsmart the Algorithm!

In 2007, Facebook launched ‘Fan Pages’ and anyone could create a Page for their company or organization. This meant you would start collecting fans and build your audience and post messages to your community with the assumption that they would actually see these messages.

By 2012, actual reach numbers were showing that only 16% of Page fans were actually seeing the posts by the Page.

And that fraction has been divided many times in the last 5 years. Recent research is showing that average organic reach is currently closer to 6.5%. And those pages with more than 500,000 fans may have 2% reach.

[organic reach is how many people your posts “reach” or how many people your posts are shown to without boosting it with any dollars to reach more people]

So, accordingly, fewer people who see your page’s organic posts means fewer clicks, comments and shares. And that means fewer conversions, leads and customers.

Why did Facebook change the reach algorithm?

From Facebook’s perspective, it’s simply ‘not an ideal user experience to flood the News Feed with posts just because a Page has lots of Likes and is publishing prolifically.’

Translated, this seems to mean that Facebook would really rather that you pay to reach more of your audience.

Facebook is encouraging marketers to look at their fan bases not as a free broadcast channel, but as a way to reach specific portions of your fan base with targeted boosting (with dollars).

How can I reach more fans without boosting my posts?

Facebook has thousands of factors that inform Facebook’s algorithm, so in some ways it can be impossible to really stay on top of the curve for organic postss.

However, there are a few things that drive engagement and sharing, and improve ranking and organic reach.

Things like native and live videos, videos that have higher watch and completion rates and videos that are clicked on (unmuted) show signs of viewer interest and are better shown to your page.

You can encourage your fans to update their notification settings from your page to See First rather than just be following. And encourage them to engage with your posts because that will help them see more of them. “Please like and share!”

The most important tip is to create amazing content that is engaging and relevant to your audience. Get to know your audience and understand what they want to see in their news feed and give it to them. Post your blogs with relevant graphics because everyone loves visuals and this will help your organic shared rates as well as your reach.

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