06 Feb

Are you fully utilizing all of the resources you have?

3S Chiropractic Systems supplies you with new educational blogs every single day for you to share to your social media sites to support your patients and team.

Through our sister site, www.FamilyHealthAdvocacy.com we have blogs that discuss a great range of topics, from nutrition to exercise, healthy recipes, make your own cosmetics, mind-body-spirit connection, meditation, articles about chiropractic and many more relevant topics that you can share these resources with your patients and online audience.

These articles are written in an attempt to create conversation in your office every day.

Each morning, go to the Family Health Advocacy Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/familyhealthadvocacy/) and share the article of the day to your page. Then print out a few copies of the article to leave on the chairs of your waiting room. This will bring the online conversation into your office, and have something for your staff and yourself to chat to your patients with, and further their education. And, for any patients that are not online, this will give them an opportunity to further their learning and understanding of real health. You can also go to the Family Health Advocacy Twitter Feed (https://twitter.com/familyhealthadv) and retweet the blog to your own twitter feed, further educating your twitter audience.

But ~ Are Your Patients Even Following You on Social Media?

Make a sign for your office encouraging your patients to follow you on social media. If you are having trouble getting patients to follow you, offer free wifi for all, if they check in to your location or tweet about getting adjusted at least once a week. Obviously it’s hard to police this, but it will actually get your patients thinking about taking a selfie with you and posting it, or at least mentioning their appointment as part of their daily postings. You can also make it part of your routine at your re-examinations, to ask your patients if they are following your social media sites, because there is so much health information on your page that you want to share with them. It’s so convenient for them to find the info and read it on their time, as the time you spend together in the office is quite limited from a daily education standpoint. At the bottom of each of the articles you print for the waiting room, make sure that you note your social sites, as your patients likely have their phone in their hand, and they can go and find your pages as they are waiting for their adjustments.

Two-Fold Effect

As your patients begin to like and follow your pages, they will see your content show up in their newsfeeds. This works very well because they get regular reminders that you exist, and keeps you and their adjustment schedule at the top of their mind. This small act of being able to keep in touch with your patients while they are outside of your office can have a great impact on keeping patients on time with their care plans and maintaining high levels of patient retention.

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