30 May

How To Get More Followers On Your Facebook Page

How many Facebook followers do you have today?

How did you get them? How are you keeping them?

Would you follow you?

These are a few initial questions to consider when discussing how to grow your Facebook page reach and increase your number of followers.

The first step to get more followers is to look at the content your are creating or curating. Is it current, relevant and interesting? These are 3 major pieces of the puzzle that must be met.

Current Content – the internet moves pretty fast. Content from even a few months ago is considered out of date, so be sure to share information that is current and potentially trending.

Relevant Content – who are you talking to? Be sure you know who your audience is to be able to share information with them that is useful to their demographic.

Interesting Content – share and create information that is clickable. Obviously everyone has a slightly different opinion on what constitutes interesting, but chances are if you think it is interesting, your tribe will agree.

It’s time to start cultivating your relationships online by being someone that can’t be ignored.

Pump so much value into your Facebook Page that your community actually looks forward to your posts, graphics, blogs, and videos that you create and share.

Offer content that is inspiring, informational and educational. The focus of your communications should be on educational material, to create a new knowledge or understanding in your community.

It’s not about pumping up your products or services, it’s about offering true knowledge that your audience needs to learn and then they will be organically lead to purchase your products or request your services.

Pump value into your marketplace. Stay consistent in your brand message.

And focus on doing these two things:

• boost your audience’s mood

• solve their problems

There are many ways to go about creating valuable content that checks these two boxes. You can create inspirational quotes, memes or videos that share a positive remark or inspirational quote that will help them to stay on track to their goals, you can post something funny that gives them a laugh (while staying consistent in your message and branding), you could post testimonials of people potentially struggling with the same problems they are experiencing and have a third party (your patients) explain their health transformation and how you solved their problems.

You can create recipes, exercise videos, 30 second ‘inspire-me-now’ videos, free e-books, reports or health reviews that help your audience to create change in their health and move toward solving their problems.

The most important thing to focus on is adding value to your Facebook page. Your fans will share your content and involve their friends and family when your content is helpful to them and relevant to their situations.

Switch things up by posing images of you and your family or team, inspirational quotes, health videos, articles and a mixture of your original content and content shared from other trusted sources. Keep your voice the loudest, but bring in other experts so they can begin to identify you and your values with other trusted voices and this will lend to your credibility and growth patterns.

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