07 Mar

How to Grow a Facebook Group

There are over 1 billion groups on Facebook. It is an incredible way to connect with your audience and provide support to your patients and community. Here are some tips to grow your groups and serve more people.

1. Decide who the group is going to help

What are your goals in practice? Use your Facebook group as an extension of your office and bring your educational support online. By deciding who your group is going to serve, it makes it much easier to develop and market your group. You can have more than one group for your various programs and functions, so don’t feel like you are cutting off a great demographic. The more clear and concisely you can pinpoint who your audience will be, the better you can create specific content that will help him/her. You are always speaking to just one person at a time, but those persons in the group should all have a connecting factor. In your office, you would have very different conversations with a 32 year old woman starting a family than you would with a 75 year old man about their lives, their worries, their conditions and their issues. It is the same online. So choose your demographic for each group very carefully and market specifically to them, using programs, services and products that are custom designed for them! Yesterday, we talked about a specific program called the Shred 10 and making a Facebook Group to support patients who were shredding 10 bad habits from their lives in 10 days. This program is very specific to a certain demographic that is really interested in transforming their holistic health and revolutionizing their family’s health. You could also have a group dedicated to Baby Boomers (who yes, are online!!) and discuss tips and tricks to manage and prevent health issues that begin to pop up in those years. Just decide what your group will focus on and use the language that your demographic uses to connect with them.

2. Invite your Facebook Page fans to join your group

The individuals who like your page are most likely going to be interested in any private groups that you are running because they know they will have customized information for them, and it will be a great way to connect with you. Obviously they have to be interested in your group topic, but if they are hearing about various programs in your office and then know that they will have additional support online to reach their goals, most people will be excited to have this additional online support – especially because it is free!

3. In Your Group, Ask your Members to Invite Friends They Know Would be Interested

You don’t get what you don’t ask for!! So remind your group members to invite their family and friends who would be interested. This is also a great way to get to know new potential patients online who get to understand your philosophies and meet your principles without the obligation of heading to your office first. Many new patients will be drawn to your office via referrals from your group members once they realize that you are the expert in your field. Facebook groups are a great way to build your patient referrals and to maintain patient loyalty because they are given a great gift to have added health support outside your office and connect with other patients for ideas, testimonials and support.

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