20 Mar

Hashing out the Deal on HashTags

What in the world is a hashtag?

That strange number sign on the phone that used to be called pound… that was really only ever used when you were finished typing in an extension or code on your phone. Now it has been added to the dictionary as a real word, but why? How is it used? What is it? Here, we break it down… A hashtag is used as a way to categorize content online. It is especially used on social media, where there are mountains and mountains of content that everyone is posting about, sharing various pieces of information, links, graphics and articles. It is a way to have your information become part of the “encyclopedia” of categorization online. If you are creating a post about your newest smoothie recipe, you would want to use various hashtags that will allow people who are interested in that topic to find your content. This is because if someone either types into the search bar your hashtag, or clicks on the same hashtag anywhere on the social media network that you have posted on, your content is potentially available to be shown to the reader. It’s obviously not 100% given that it will show up for the reader, due to the volume and timing of posts, but at least you give yourself a chance of being seen. For example, here is a sample post: “Just enjoying my new #smoothie recipe!! It is filled with greens, healthy fats and protein to fuel my day. How do you start your day?” #myfavouritesmoothierecipe #greens #healthyfats #fuelup #proteinkeepsmefull #readyformyday #powerbreakfast #quickandeasy #vitamix #healthyallthetime #smoothieforthewin #healthystart #mykidsloveit #smoothierecipes #yourclinicname The reason that you would use a mixture of hashtags is that some of them will come up as a prompt, depending on the social site you are using, that are commonly used by many people. Choose a variety of hashtags that are common that people may click on (on other posts) so yours is also viewed. You can also make up some of your own custom hashtags that are unique to you, your post, your brand and your situation and begin to grow your own catalogue of posts. It’s also fun to make up some catchy hashtags, as some of them can be a little ridiculous and a bit of humour is always appreciated. Choose a few standards that you always use, so that your audience starts to expect that from you, and if they have missed a post, they can click on your customized hashtag and find all of your content. It’s also likely that some of the more unique hashtags (like your clinic name, for example) would not be used by other people unless they are posting about your clinic, or reacting to your content, so that your catalog is a true reflection of just your content. Be creative, as people do tend to read the hashtags and this can allow you to tell more of your story in small keywords. Have a bit of fun with it and enjoy using new hashtags that may really connect with your audience or at least give them a smile!

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