15 Mar

Learn the Language and Culture of Twitter Part 1

Are you on Twitter? It’s a whole different universe compared to Facebook, Linked In, YouTube and Instagram. Here, we break down how to communicate effectively on Twitter and help you reach your audience in the way they want to hear from you. Twitter can be very much like learning a foreign language – with tweets, hashtags, DM’s, retweets, and impressions. So first of all, let’s start out with the biggest difference of all – the short conversation length that Twitter allows you. Just 160 characters, including any links you want to include, your hashtags and personal shoutouts. You can say a great deal in a very short message, but you need to be effective in your language choices. Twitter friends don’t expect perfect grammar or formality, they want to read your message quickly and understand what you mean. For example, don’t be afraid to shorten you to U, with to w/ and omit ‘the’, along with all of the general short forms used while sending text messages. You are free to use hashtags throughout your message, so that you don’t have to make a list of hashtags at the end, such as what is common on Instagram and Facebook. There is simply not the space to rewrite anything, as characters are at a premium. For example, On our sister site, www.FamilyHealthAdvocacy.com, we create content for you to share with your community of patients and potential patients. (Sidenote: so make sure that you are leveraging this amazing resource we have created for you! Share with your patients in the office by printing some of the articles and having them available to read, and by posting them to your social networks!) When we want to send a tweet to our FHA followers(actually create the message that we are sending out) we generally use a short message to explain the link or graphic we are posting below (some people just put a message with no link and that’s fine too) and include hashtags to categorize the message and allow it to be found when someone makes a search. Here is a post we created on @FamilyHealthAdv: How the #Ketogenic Diet Weakens #Cancer Cells. #healwithfood #choosehealth #naturaloptions #familyhealth https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/ketogenic-diet-weakens-cancer-cells/ You can see that we have chosen to use a short message to make way for the length of the link to be included. Some people choose to use a Google URL shortener, but it is up to you. Sometimes it’s nice to see what website you are going to be visiting if you decide to click. We’ve also used hashtags within the message itself, as well as adding some relevant hashtags below. If someone clicks on the hashtag, it will also take you to another page that shows other messages that have used the same hashtag to provide more articles and posts for the reader to explore. Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2 of Learning the Language and Culture of Twitter!

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